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Hi there,

I welcome you to Kdramapal Forums, your place to discuss any topic about Korean dramas with people who share the same interests with you. I would like you to feel at home here in KDP Forums because I and my team created this especially for you—who is passionate about Kdramas.

Each currently airing and upcoming drama has a separate forum here. You can also find forums for the recently completed dramas such as Chief KimTomorrow With You, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Please choose the appropriate forum for the topic that you want to post. For example, if you have something to say or ask about Chicago Typewriter, please do so in the Chicago Typewriter forum. For topics related to dramas with no existing forums, post them in the General Discussion.

We are just starting yet and I am hoping for a lively and enthusiastic discussions in the coming weeks. Thank you again for being part of this community.

I would like it if you could reply to this topic by telling us some information about you. You can introduce yourself or share anything to us that you want to share. You can also explain why you are here and discuss your expectations from the Forums. Thank You!




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thank you..

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