New Post Series: Watch Korean Dramas On This Website  


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October 24, 2017 7:06 am  

We are glad to announce our newest post series titled Watch Korean Dramas On This Website, which will review the major K-drama streaming sites that are serving the global fans today. This very informative post series will detail ALL relevant information you ought to know on a particular streaming site including its features, premium service (if any), library size, and availability based on what we gathered by using directly the site. Yes, you read it right, we used the streaming site ourselves just so we could get the first-hand experience and provide you with the best review and recommendation. 

  • Post Series Title: Watch Korean Dramas on This Website
  • Main Writer: GDhunter
  • Part Count: 10
  • Publication Schedule: October 26 to November 13, 2017 at 10 pm Korean Standard Time
    • October 26 - Kocowa
    • October 28 - Tribe
    • October 30 - Viu
    • November 1 - OnDemandKorea
    • November 3 - Dramafever
    • November 5 - Viki
    • November 7 - iflix
    • November 9 - Netflix
    • November 11 - "et cetera"
    • November 13 - Summary & Comparison

*The post series title, post count, schedule, and other details may change without prior notice.