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April 28, 2017 10:16 pm  

Hi everyone! Here in KDP Forums, what you can do is not limited to typing text in your topics or posts. You have the capability to insert different types of files including images and videos in various formats. Here is the list of file types that you can upload:


Although you have the option to upload various kinds of files, you can only upload a file with size up to 64 MB. This is the maximum size of file that you can upload here in the forum.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to insert images in your topics or posts.

1. The first thing to do is to select the area in which you want your image to appear. Images and other files can be inserted inline, between post content texts. Next, click the "Attach Files" button at the bottom of the topic or post editor.

Attaching Files Tutorial 1

2. After clicking the "Attach Files" button, an extended file attachment window will open. This window contains all of your uploaded files. This is empty if you haven't tried attaching any file before. To add images, click the "Attach Files" button on the top of the window.

Attaching Files Tutorial 2

3. After clicking the "Attach Files" button, select the images that you want to be uploaded. You will then see them on the window. You need to click the "Start upload" button for these files to be actually uploaded on the site. Otherwise, you cannot insert them yet into your topic or post. You can monitor the progress of the uploading process.

Attaching Files Tutorial 3

4. Once the uploading of files is done, you can now insert them into your topic or post by clicking the "Insert into post" button. Take note that by default, all of your files will be inserted at once. If you want to insert only some files, uncheck the boxe(s) corresponding to the file(s) that you don't want to insert yet before you hit the button.

Attaching Files Tutorial 4

5. Instead of seeing the actual images, you will then see something like the one highlighted in the photo below. You can confirm that you selected the correct files if you see the numbers that correspond to each of your file as indicated in the file attachment window.

Attaching Files Tutorial 5

6. When you finish writing your topic or post and click the "Submit" button, your topic or post will be published showing the images you inserted, like in this topic called "Duel Script Reading."

Attaching Files Tutorial 6

If you have more questions and/or clarifications on how to attach files, please reply to this topic.