First Week Review: The Best Hit

First impressions never last and that is what The Best Hit proved to me. After watching the trailer for this new KBS show, I initially thought it would be boring but I have never been so wrong. It is one of the Korean dramas that are easy to understand and relate to. The plot is not too complicated and it tries to embody real-life struggles of both the young and the old with regard to reaching their dreams.


[su_pullquote]The Best Hit tries to embody real-life struggles of both the young and the old with regard to reaching their dreams.[/su_pullquote] The story is about the lives of youth in their 20s who are trying to make things work for them. It is something that people can relate to because it can happen to anyone else in real life. One of these youth is preparing to take the civil service exam then gets her heart broken by her best friend and a cheating boyfriend. She refers to her own mother as the “mood swing inducer” so the character is someone a lot of people can put their shoes into. The other lead character wants to make it big in the show business but also wants to fulfill his father’s wish that he should have a normal job so he also prepares for the civil service exam. Their lives get intertwined with the 1990s idol group’s frontman who travels 20 years into the future.

I would say that after watching the first two episodes of the drama, the story makes sense although there are so many other things to discover before piecing it altogether. I love the fact that it is another rom-com as it is a feel-good series. It’s light but it makes the viewers feel like they have gone through the same problems of the characters. Viewers can relate to these characters.

The Best Hit

One of the elements I like the most about The Best Hit is the fact that it incorporates one of the struggles of aspiring artists. In South Korea, there are so many agencies handling groups of young women and men who want to become idols. The representation of this culture in The Best Hit is very well portrayed as it gives some of the viewers a feel of what it is to undergo training, have restrictions and possibly lose the fame all at once due to the military enlistment requirement that guys have to complete at a certain age and for a specific period of time. 

For the time travel element, I feel like it is out of place. Maybe it would make more sense as the show progresses into more episodes and would possibly reveal soon what the character from the past will do in the future during his interaction with the people in Seoul this 2017.

The story development and pacing are a bit slow for me. The drama could have introduced the time element earlier probably during the final minutes of the first episode since the first part of the premiere focused on the character related to the fantasy element of the story. A lot of scenes could have been removed and those minutes should have been used to establish further the essential character connections in the drama.


Yoo Hyun-jae (played Yoon Shi-yoon) is one of the members of the 1990s idol group called J2. He appears only for a few minutes during the final part of the second episode when the time travel element was introduced. It was reported before that his character will find himself in the middle of different scandals as he travels 20 years into the future and I was able to gauge that when he is shown in his home before he travels fast forward in time. I think he has the attitude of taking matters into his own hands and not thinking about what the repercussions are. At one point, he is asked to leave his home due to bad weather but he contemplates on it and thinks that he is safe where he is staying. His stubbornness may affect what happens to his life in the future.

Yoon Shi-yoon in The Best Hit

The second major character is Lee Ji-hoon (played by Kim Min-jae). He is one of the characters that makes the drama likable. Aside from the fact that he is easy on the eyes, his character represents those who are torn between what their parents want for them and what they really want to do in life. He wants to take the civil service exam but he secretly enrolls as an idol trainee. He does not want to disappoint his parents but still wants to dance. I wonder where this dilemma will take him and if he will succeed in the path he wants to take.

Kim Min-jae in The Best Hit

The female protagonist for The Best Hit is Choi Woo-seung. Just like Lee Ji-hoon, she also wants to pass the civil service examination so she is doing everything in her power to reach that goal. She works while studying and reviews for hours. The character’s perseverance could take her to places but the setbacks, such as her romantic relationship and her problems with her mother who seemingly gives more importance to men than to her, might affect her in some way that could hinder her from reaching her dreams. I like the fact that she is not like the other female leads in other dramas because her character is not too showy with her emotions and it is realistic since a lot of women want to focus on their future rather than think about just pleasing their boyfriends.

Le Se-young in The Best Hit

Another major character for The Best Hit is Lee Gwang-jae (played by Cha Tae-hyun). He is a former top star manager and now runs a small entertainment company. He wants his son, Lee Ji-hoon, to take on a job that would pay well and make him financially stable. He wants Lee Ji-hoon to avoid becoming an idol at all costs and worries too much about the people surrounding him, an attitude of him that could lead to problems in the future since he always gets out of his way to help others before helping himself. He has financial woes regarding the restaurant he runs but he does not tell anyone about it and makes everyone believe everything is running smoothly.

Cha Tae-hyun in The Best Hit

Hong Bo-hee is one of the minor characters but her story is essential to the story since she is also a former idol. During the first two episodes of the dramashe reveals that she wants to make a comeback. However, her plans did not work well as she has been having a difficult time making people like her again. More will be revealed about her character but I can say that she might cause more troubles than solutions with her desire to be in the spotlight again.


Yoon Shi-yoon plays the role of  Yoo Hyun-jae. He appeared only briefly for the first two episodes so I could not assess fully what his capabilities are when it comes to portraying the character given to him. I would say though that he did show that he’s a 90s idol and he portrayed that role quite well based on the last few scenes in episode 2. For the character of Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Min-jae is playing the role. He was able to embody the character given to him, representing the population of teens who aspire to be an idol but are struggling to get noticed since there are too many competitions in the show business.

Lee Se-young plays the female lead Choi Woo-seung. She was able to show the strong and independent side of a woman who will do everything she can to reach her goal and also effectively showed the downside of being a woman who is not that showy of her feelings. She fits her character well. And so does Cha Tae-yun, who plays the character of Lee Gwang-jae. For the first two episodes, Cha Tae-hyun was able to establish that his character is struggling with a lot of things in his life. Just like a good father of a family, he showed through his acting what a father would do for his kids and for the people around him.

Yoon Son-ha plays the role of “The Fairy” or Hong Bo-hee. The actress for this role was well-picked. Yoo Soon-ha knows just how to act as an artist who relives her glory days and plays scenarios from her past while she spaces out most of the time. She is very fun to watch as she is elegant and clueless at the same time. Meanwhile, Dong Hyun-bae is MC Drill on The Best Hit. In any show, there is this one supporting character who makes scenes light and makes fun out of everything. Dong Hyun-bae succeeded in making sure that element is present in the show.

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I’m giving The Big Hit 7 out of 10 as there are so much more to explore. The drama is worth watching if you have some time to spare because of its slow story development. It is worth watching because the plot is interesting. I for one would continue watching it because I particularly want to find out more about the time travel element of the show as well as the relationship of the characters which were not clearly established in the first two episodes. I want to know more about the relationship of Choi Woo-seung and her mother as well as the relationship of those in the family of Lee Gwang-jae and Lee Ji-hoon. Lee Ji-hoon says in the second episode’s last part that he just met his father when Yoo Hyun-jae almost got hit by their car and this is something I want to know more about.

I would recommend The Best Hit as something to watch because it has an intriguing plot and a very natural approach to developing the story but I really do hope the pacing would be quicker in the upcoming episodes. I love all the actors and I hope the drama will continue to wow me in the upcoming weeks.

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