First teasers for “Chicago Typewriter” released

Yoo Ah-in (Six Flying Dragons) will be back this April in a new tvN drama Chicago Typewriter, whose first set of trailers were released on March 17. The drama is a mix of fantasy and romantic comedy written by Moon Embracing the Sun and Kill Me Heal Me writer Jin Soo-wan and directed by On the Way to the Airport director Kim Cheol-kyu. Yoo Ah-in plays the role of a writer who lived during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s and reincarnated years later as a famous author.


In the teaser above, Yoo Ah-in says “I’m star writer Han Se-joo. But… I can’t write.” A writer who can’t write? That’s because he is a reincarnated best-selling writer who is facing a career slump. He’s suffering from a writer’s block, which is why he hires a ghostwriter played by Go Kyung-pyo (Jealousy Incarnate). As a ghost writer who has a genius writing style, he confidently offers his service, “I’ll write for you. But I have one condition…” Yoo Ah-in asks him about the condition and finally says through a voice-over that his secret deal with him has begun.

The teasers basically introduce the three main characters. Rounding out the main cast of the drama is Im Soo-jung (Time Renegades), who stars as a veterinarian and literary fanatic. She is one of the biggest fans of Han Se-joo, but after a series of incidents she becomes his anti-fan. In another teaser below, she gives him flowers, and says “I Love You.” Like Han Se-joo, her and Go Kyung-pyo’s characters are reincarnations of struggling writers who lived in the 1930s. That’s where the fantasy element comes in.


The drama is the comeback project of Yoo Ah-in on the small screen. He starred in his previous drama Six Flying Dragons about a year ago and won Best Actor in 2016 Paeksang Arts Awards for his role. In February this year, it was revealed that he is suffering from a bone tumor yet he was still able to take the role for Chicago Typewriter because the tumor has minimal effect on his everyday life. There were speculations around this time that he is using the bone tumor issue to deliberately evade military enlistment but he denied them, saying that “if the bone tumor has no further abnormal development, military enlistment is fully possible.” In that case Chicago Typewriter might be his last drama before he enlists for the mandatory military service.

Chicago Typewriter will follow Tomorrow With You and will air every Fridays and Saturdays starting April 7, 2017.


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