First teaser released for Park Hae-jin, Jo Bo-ah’s new drama ‘Forest’

The long wait of fans is over as KBS2 has finally dropped the first teaser for the Park Hae-jin and Jo Bo-ah-led drama Secret, which is now officially called Forest.

Forest tells the story of a man and a woman who, after undergoing immense hurt and suffering, discover the small joys of life when they are forced to live together in a mysterious forest. In addition to finding love and healing, the place also reveals secrets about their childhood.

Park Hae-jin (Man To Man) plays a mergers and acquisitions expert who becomes a special rescue team member, while Jo Bo-ah (My Strange Hero) takes on the role of a bright surgeon.

In the 30-second teaser, an impeccably dressed Park Hae-jin wanders through a forest, whispering, “I’ve been here before.” He thinks back to the day when he was there as a boy, along with a little girl. Park finds and blows a whistle, and a curly-haired Jo Bo-ah appears, as if responding to his call. The text on the screen reads, “Everything began in this forest.”

Clips of fire disasters and accidents follow, signifying hurt and loss experienced by the leads. Jo Bo-ah is then seen abandoning a patient on the operation table, her scrubs bloody. Park Hae-jin, with blood streaming down his head, declares, “No one can come in the way of my plan, neither your memory nor you.” Jo Bo-ah wanders through the hazy forest while rescuers descend from a helicopter and rush somewhere.

Forest is a completely pre-produced drama which wrapped up filming in August 2019. It will premiere on January 29 at 10 p.m. Korean Standard Time, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday time slot currently occupied by Cho Yeo-jeong’s Woman Of 9.9 Billion.

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