First stills of Ji Sung as ‘The Devil Judge’ from upcoming legal drama

tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama The Devil Judge has dropped brand-new stills of leading star Ji Sung!

The Devil Judge stars Ji Sung (Doctor John) as Kang Yo-han, the head trial judge of a courtroom reality show where he doles out punishments against the dishonest and guilty. His merciless nature earns him the moniker “devil judge.” Kang Yo-han uses the air of mystery around him to hide his true identity and purpose, making the viewers question if he is a hero or a villain. 

Kim Min-jung (My Fellow Citizens) stars as Jung Sun-ah—Yo-han’s rival and the director of a foundation that deals with social responsibility. The show also stars Park Jin-young (When My Love Blooms) and Park Gyu-young (Sweet Home). 

In his still images, Ji Sung is seen embodying an aristocratic aura of Kang Yo-han with his fashion sense and charisma as the hottest “star judge” in South Korea. His character is always associated with the saying “the tragic heir to great wealth,” as he cultivates an aura of mystery around himself.

In a dystopian world where order is collapsing and cries for justice are growing normal, Kang introduces a new, groundbreaking form of delivering justice that has the entire nation’s attention. 

In the first image, Kang Yo-han is seen dressed in a crisp and luxurious black suit, complete with a bowtie. He is seen holding a champagne glass with a cold expression on his face, giving off the air of a chaebol heir instead of a judge. In the second image, he is seen wearing an elegant, embroidered black robe, looking every bit the celebrity judge who has the entire country’s attention. In the final still image, Kang Yo-han’s eyes look dangerous as he points his rifle at someone in the distance. 

Ji Sung as Kang Yo-han in The Devil Judge 1
Ji Sung as Kang Yo-han in The Devil Judge 2
Ji Sung as Kang Yo-han in The Devil Judge 3

The Devil Judge has been penned by judge-turned-screenwriter Moon Yoo-seok (Ms. Hammurabi). Choi Jung-gyu (Children of Nobody) will serve as the series’ director. The Devil Judge is set to premiere on tvN on July 3. 

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