First still, teaser for fantasy thriller ‘Black’ released

OCN’s upcoming thriller on Saturdays and Sundays has started releasing promotional materials, the latest of which is a still image showing Song Seung-heon (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) wearing a black suit and looking down at something. The actor is playing the lead role in Black, a series about a grim reaper whose memories in the world are erased as a punishment for having fallen in love with a mortal woman.

Image Still for Black featuring Song Seung-heon
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Song Seung-heon is said to be wearing always black clothes during the filming for the drama as his role, named Han Moo-kang, is a grim reaper characterized as someone who wears black suits all the time and does not even flinch upon finding himself in gory crime scenes with dead bodies, thus earning the nicknames “Man in Black” and “Grim Reaper of Criminals.” Meanwhile, actress Go Ara (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth) is playing the female lead with whom he will fall in love while doing his duties in the human world.

The first teaser for the upcoming drama was also released recently. It is a 15-second video that starts with pink roses quickly withering away and turning gray. Names of PD Kim Hong-sun of Voice and Choi Ran of God’s Gift–14 Days, who are now teaming up for Black, are then flashed on the screen with stormy clouds as the backdrop. This is followed by a burning skull and an introduction to the two main characters—Song Seung-heon’s grim reaper role as “the dead one protecting death” and Go Ara’s as “the woman who predicts death.

Black boasts of an interesting storyline and a solid lineup of supporting cast which includes Lee El (Goblin) as a mysterious doctor connected to the grim reaper, Kim Dong-joon (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho) as a second generation chaebol, Kim Won-hae (Criminal Minds), Jo Jae-yoon (Save Me), and Kim Jae-young (My Secret Romance). It will premiere in October following Save Me on Saturdays and Sundays.

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