First still images from “Reunited Worlds” released

With about two weeks left prior to its premiere date, SBS released the first still images from its upcoming drama Reunited Worlds. The images feature actor Yeo Jin-goo (Circle) and were taken during his first day of filming in a residential area in Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.

Yeo Jin-goo is wearing a school uniform in the images and is playing the role of Sung Hae-sung. The stills give the viewers a glimpse of the scenes marking his sudden appearance twelve years after he mysteriously disappears and goes missing. He safely returns to his house where he used to live before his disappearance but something happened to him. He is already 31 years old, but his body and mind did not age at all. He retains his appearance when he was still 18 years old. 

Reunited Worlds Stills

Reunited Worlds is a fantasy romance drama that centers on Sung Hae-sung and his childhood friend. They are both born in the same year but something happened to him when he disappears due to a mysterious accident. When he comes back, his friend is already 31 years old but he still looks like an 18-year-old man.

Lee Yeon-hee (Splendid Politics) plays Yeo Jin-goo’s childhood friend named Jung Jung-won, a woman who has a bright personality and ends up graduating in college with a nursing degree. She fails to fulfill her dream of attending art school as life becomes harder for her when his father’s business undergoes bankruptcy.

Reunited Worlds marks Yeo Jin-goo’s second drama this year following the critically acclaimed tvN sci-fi drama, Circle. In the drama, he plays one of the twin brothers who witness the appearance of an alien on earth and become involved in a series of mysterious incidents since then.

Reunited Worlds will premiere on July 19 after Suspicious Partner ends its run next week.


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