First set of “Falsify” posters released by SBS

SBS released today the first set of posters promoting its upcoming legal drama called Falsify. The promotional materials are posters featuring five characters in the drama led by Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) and Uhm Ji-won (Woman Who Married Three Times).

Falsify follows the lives of individuals determined to uncover the truth surrounding the corruption of high-ranking government officials. Namgoong Min plays Han Moo-young, a worker at a small newspaper who decided to become a reporter after witnessing the death of his older brother who is trying to expose a big corruption scandal. A caption on his poster reads: “The article was blocked, the law was ruined, the rules of the game were all ruined. From now on I’ll do it my own way.” He wants to find out the truth and avenge his brother’s death.

Falsify Character Poster - Namgoong Min

Uhm Ji-won plays a prosecutor named Kwon So-ra. She graduated at the top of her class and is recognized for being the youngest ever female rookie in the field. The text on her poster reads: “I think you are a sycophant who obscures the essence of the case.”

Falsify Character Poster - Uhm Ji-won

Yoo Jun-sang (Pied Piper), Jeon Hye-bin (Woman With A Suitcase), and Moon Sung-keun (Princess Ja-myung) also have posters of their respective characters. Yoo Jun-sang is playing the role of Lee Seok-min, a righteous journalist who is ranting on about the injustice in society and has been involved in an incident that caused his demotion in a big newspaper company. A caption on his poster says: “If you throw a small stone at them, you will get a rock. You don’t know where the case ends.” He has a long working history with photographer Oh Yoo-kyung, played by Jeon Hye-bin. Meanwhile, Moon Sung-keun plays a powerful figure at Daehan Ilbo, the newspaper at the center of the drama’s story.

Falsify is written by Who Are You: School 2015 writer Kim Hyun-jung and is directed by Lee Jung-heum. It will premiere on July 24, replacing My Sassy Girl on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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