First look at Ryu Hye-young, Lee Jung-eun in upcoming legal drama

JTBC has unveiled still images of Ryu Hye-young and Lee Jung-eun from the set of its upcoming drama Law School.

Law School is a campus mystery set inside South Korea’s top law school—the legal department of Korea National University—where a set of professors and students come across highly unusual cases and find themselves entangled in them. It will follow prospective legal professionals realizing the value of law and justice as they struggle to solve these cases. The show stars Kim Bum (Tale of the Nine Tailed), Kim Kyung-min (The Miracle We Met), Lee Jung-eun (Once Again), and Ryu Hye-young (Dear My Room) as leads.

After Kim Kyung-min and Kim Bum, JTBC dropped character stills for the two leading ladies. Ryu Hye-young transforms into a passionate first-year law student who got into university through special admission. Her character had a rough childhood and understands that law and power is only on the side of whoever is educated well. She passed the law school entrance examination with the determination to protect her family in mind.

Ryu’s character is described as a hot-headed person who is expected to showcase great character development through her growth. The still images capture her confusion and struggle to survive among the talents of the elite law school. She appears to be overwhelmed by the assignments and lessons but has a strong will to succeed. She is expected to meet Kim Kyung-min, who will play a professor of criminal law, and undergo painful growth to become a great lawyer.

Ryu Hye-young as Kang Sol in Law School 1
Ryu Hye-young as Kang Sol in Law School 2
Ryu Hye-young as Kang Sol in Law School 3

Parasite actress Lee Jung-eun, on the other hand, plays a former judge who teaches civil law at the university. In her stills, she sports short hair and chic casuals, turning into an elite professor exuding charisma. Her character is known as the “master of mediation” in the prosecution because she can make any two parties reach a compromise. She is a professor who tries to simplify lectures for her students, does not approach them as an authority figure, and tries to resolve their worries. Lee is expected to undergo an intellectual transformation while keeping a warm appearance and showcase a combination of the two.

Lee Jung-eun as Kim Eun-sook in Law School 1
Lee Jung-eun as Kim Eun-sook in Law School 2
Lee Jung-eun as Kim Eun-sook in Law School 3

Law School is set to be JTBC’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama in April, taking over Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye’s Sisyphus: The Myth. It is directed by Kim Seok-yoon, best known for The Light in Your Eyes (2019) and penned by Seo In, who wrote Judge vs. Judge (2017–2018).

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