First look at Kim Yo-han, So Joo-yeon’s onscreen chemistry as couple in new stills from ‘A Love So Beautiful’

A Love So Beautiful has released a set of stills featuring the chemistry of its onscreen lead couple, Kim Yo-han and So Joo-yeon.

The upcoming teen romantic-comedy series from Kakao M is the Korean remake of the 2017 hit Chinese drama of the same name. The story revolves around a young high school girl who chases after her first love—her childhood friend who lives next door. It stars So Joo-yeon (Dr. Romantic 2) as Shin Sol-yi, a highschooler harboring a crush on Cha Heon, WEi’s Kim Yo-han as Sol-yi’s first love and the school’s top student Cha Heon, and Yeo Hoe-hyun (Leverage) as Woo Dae-sung, a talented swimmer who transferred to Sol-yi and Cha Heon’s school, eventually forming a love triangle with the two.

So Joo-yeon and Kim Yo-han in A Love So Beautiful

In the still cuts, both Kim Yo-han and So Joo-yeon have completely transformed into high school students Cha Heon and Sol-yi. As expected, Sol-yi smiles brightly whenever she’s with Cha Heon, and in the first still, Cha Heon seems to reciprocate Sol-yi’s excitement as they stand against the backdrop of a forest road, holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. In another still, Cha Heon locks eyes with Sol-yi in the library, as if their hearts are the only ones talking. With Sol-yi’s expression, it is unknown what transpired between the two of them. Their lovely visuals exude a romantic but nostalgic feeling of a young high school love, adding to the excitement of hopeful fans and viewers alike. In the last still, Cha Heon seems to be smitten as he comes across Sol-yi, who has fallen asleep on a bench. Cha Heon, whose eyes are focused on the sleeping girl in front of him, quietly reaches out his hand to touch Sol-yi’s face in an attempt to ease his longing.

Kim, who has garnered attention for landing the lead male role in the Korean remake, matches his character’s description well. Cha Heon is smart and good-looking, and he excels in everything that he does, making him the perfect guy. Although he is known as quiet, aloof, and cold, Cha Heon actually has a warm heart but does not know how to express himself. The only one who has ever stayed by his side and showed him her genuine feelings fearlessly is his childhood friend and neighbor Sol-yi, who has known him her whole life.

With her charming smile and innocent appearance, So Joo-yeon was the top pick in an online casting session among fans of the original drama. Sol-yi, a cheerful, optimistic, and bright 17-year-old, is a “master of confession,” having confessed to Cha Heon her feelings whenever she has a chance— every day of their lives. Despite her unrequited feelings and Cha Heon ignoring her often, Sol-yi’s affection for Cha Heon has not wavered. The heartwarming romance between these two characters resonates with almost everyone’s experience with their first love, reminding them of the fluttering, funny, and faint memories of one’s first romance.

A Love So Beautiful will have 24 episodes in total, with each running for 20 minutes. It will be released on KakaoTV every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday starting on December 28th at 5 p.m. KST.

Check out the drama’s main poster and character posters here.

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