First look at Kim Min-seok, Im Hyun-joo in ‘From Today Engine On’

KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama From Today Engine On has dropped its first teaser!

From Today Engine On tells the story of a genius car mechanic. Kim Min-seok (Lovestruck in the City) plays Cha Dae-hyun, a mechanic with a natural talent for automobiles and a pure heart. Meanwhile, rookie actress Im Hyun-joo (Wish Woosh 2) takes on her first lead role as No Yoo-hwa, a car service center manager who is kind and diligent.

In the one-minute teaser released on KakaoTV’s twitter account, Kim Min-seok is seen transforming into the clumsy and innocent genius mechanic Cha Dae-hyun. He develops a big crush on Im Hyun-joo’s character No Yoo-hwa and struggles to keep it hidden. During the course of his work, Dae-hyun helps with the investigation of a crime involving a car and also stands up for Yoo-hwa when she is mistreated by a customer. Im Hyun-joo, on the other hand, is seen in neat suits, her character the complete opposite of Dae-hyun. The teaser ends with a possible confession scene between the two, raising expectations from their romance.

From Today Engine On will air every Tuesday on KakaoTV starting June 29.

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