First look at Ji Chang-wook, Kim Ji-won in upcoming romance web series

KakaoTV’s upcoming web series City Couple’s Way of Love: My Lovable Camera Thief has dropped gorgeous new stills!

City Couple’s Way of Love is a seasonal, multi-part web series that explores the complex love relationships between urban couples living hectic lives in the city. The first installment of the series—My Lovable Camera Thief—stars Ji Chang-wook (Backstreet Rookie) and Kim Ji-won (Arthdal Chronicles) and revolves around people who want to escape the realities of their life in search of happiness and “another me.”

Ji Chang-wook plays Park Jae-won, an architect with a pure-hearted and romantic personality. He falls in love with a woman during a trip and is unable to forget her. The woman, whom he has dubbed “camera thief,” stole his heart and disappeared. Kim Ji-won plays Lee Eun-oh, a freelance marketer who lives an ordinary life. In order to escape her routine, she takes an unplanned trip using a fake identity—Yoon Sun-ah. It is under this fake identity that she meets Park Jae-won and falls in love with him.

Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won in City Couple's Way of Love

In the stills, the two actors are fully immersed in their characters as they enjoy leisure activities on their trip together. The first still image shows the two in a painting class, wearing artist aprons and posing cutely with paint smeared across their faces. In the second still image, Ji Chang-wook appears smitten with Kim Ji-won as she smiles gently. The final still image is of the two at a beach, dressed in holiday casuals, playing with a dog.

JI Chang-wook in City Couple's Way of Love
Ji Chang-wook in City Couple's Way of Love - 2
Ji Chang-wook in City Couple's Way of Love - 3

Solo still images of Ji Chang-wook were also released. In the drama, his character Park Jae-won enjoys traveling to obscure places and documenting life. Ji Chang-wook looks every bit a curious tourist in the images. In the first still image, he is seen dressed in a loose-fitting blue shirt and with his luggage. In the second image, he is seen taking pictures of the sights with his camera. The third still image features him trying his hand at painting, revealing his character’s penchant for collecting hobbies.

This installment of City Couple’s Way of Love will be directed by a team that is being called “Romance Dream Team” by the media—director Park Shin-woo, who is known for hit romance shows like It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020), Encounter (2019), and Jealousy Incarnate (2016), and writers Jung Hyun-jung, who wrote Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019), and Jung Da-yeon. This is an original drama by KakaoTV and is slated to air in December.

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