First look at Jang Ki-yong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Soo-hyuk in new drama ‘Born Again’

KBS2 has released the first character stills for its upcoming drama Born Again starring Jang Ki-yong, Jin Se-yeon, and Lee Soo-hyuk.

Born Again is a mystery melodrama about three people with tragically interconnected fates who have first met in the 1980s. The three have reincarnated at present as totally different people, but their lives remain connected in the same way.

Jang Ki-yong (Search: WWW) plays a loner with a terrible secret in his past life and a medical student in the present. Jang seems to have undergone a massive transformation in his stills. He is seen sporting wildly overgrown hair and a black jacket, looking like a lone wolf. 

Jang Ki-yong in stills from Born Again

Jin Se-yeon (Selection: The War Between Women) portrays an owner of a bookstore who suffers from a serious heart condition. At present, she is a highly competent bioarchaeologist. The stills below shows her being lost in thought inside her bookstore and standing outside it waiting for someone.

Jin Se-yeon in stills from Born Again

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-hyuk (Sweet Stranger and Me), who is making his comeback after completing his military service, takes on the role of a detective in the past and a prosecutor in the present. In his stills, he is shown sporting 80’s style as he works on a case.

Lee Soo-hyuk in stills from Born Again

Born Again is directed by Jin Hyung-wook, who helmed the hit 2019 drama Liver or Die. It is set to premiere as a Monday-Tuesday drama in April.

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