First crushes, new housemates in trailer for Netflix’s ‘My First First Love’

On April 8, Netflix dropped a trailer for its upcoming original Korean series My First First Love starring Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, and Jung Jin-young. The 8-part series will be available for streaming starting April 18.

My First First Love centers on five college friends as they navigate new friendships and first loves. Ji Soo (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) stars as the show’s protagonist—a rich business administration major who seems to have it all. Jung Chae-yeon (Reunited Worlds) plays his cash-strapped childhood friend who moves in with him while Jin-young (Love In The Moonlight) plays his best friend. Supporting actors Choi Ri and Kang Tae-oh complete the fascinating quintet.

The one and a half minute trailer begins with the group chilling with drinks as a tipsy Chae-yeon reveals, “There is someone I like.” Before she can say who it is, she falls, and Jin-young and Ji Soo both reach out to catch her—signalling a love triangle from the get-go. The mood of the trailer gets light and breezy as three of Ji Soo’s friends announce that they’re moving in with him. Chae-yeon gets asked if she has never liked Ji Soo and it is revealed that the two have been friends for over 20 years. The group goes on spontaneous adventures as Jin-young and Chae-yeon become drawn to each other. The teaser ends with Chae-yeon being unsure of her feelings, and Ji Soo advising her not to doubt herself. Clips of Ji Soo helping her out through difficult situations follow, giving the viewer a hint as to which direction their arc is going to go.

The show is created by Jung Hyun-jung, writer of the much-loved Romance Is A Bonus Book which concluded last month. PD Oh Jin-seok of My Sassy Girl fame directed the series, while Kim Min-seo, writer of the movie Little Black Dress, wrote the script.

My First First Love is the second Korean Netflix original series to be released this year, following the zombie thriller Kingdom which was made available for streaming in January. It will be followed by another rom-com, Love Alarm, in the latter half of 2019. Additionally, three more original series have been announced for the coming year—Nam Joo-hyuk and Jung Yu-mi starrer School Nurse Ahn Eun-young, Yoon Hyun-min and Go Sung-hee starrer Me Alone And You and the second season of Kingdom.


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