“Fight For My Way” star Pyo Ye-jin sad about her character’s fate

Fight For My Way continues to establish its ground as one of the Korean dramas this 2017 that pulled the heartstrings of many fans. In an interview with one of the drama’s cast member, Pyo Ye-jin, she talked about the particular scenes that saddened her.

Pyo ye-jin plays the role of an intern named Jang Ye-jin who likes Kim Joo-man, played by Ahn Jae-hong, the male second lead who has been dating her girlfriend (Baek Seol-hee) for six years. Jang Ye-jin made advances on Kim Joo-man and even talked to Baek Seol-hee (played by Song Ha-yoon)about it without knowing that she is Kim Joo-man’s girlfriend.

In an interview with her by Newsen, Pyo ye-jin she said that a lot of people felt sad for Baek Seol-hee as she tried to make things work for her and Joo-man despite their problems as a couple. Others also felt bad for Kim Joo-man especially when he cried numerous times and drank in order forget the pain of losing her. For Pyo Ye-jin, she said that what actually made her sad is the scene in episode 13 in which Joo-man confronted her character to tell her that they would never be together because she reminds him so much of Seol-hee.

Pyo ye-jin also felt bad for her character in episode 12 when Baek Seol-hee splashed water on her face after she told Seol-hee about pursuing Kim Joo-man since they already broke up. Pyo ye-jin said, “I feel so sad for her. Everyone else was satisfied with what had happened, but I cried watching the broadcast. Despite having made the couple break up, she went up to Seol Hee and told her that she wants to see Joo Man, but Ye Jin doesn’t know why that’s bad.” The actress added she knew Jang Ye-jin’s apology to Seol-hee is sincere.

Although Pyo Ye-jin felt bad for her character in that scene, she said it was a fun scene to shoot and a funny experience. She also acknowledged the fact that Fight For My Way will end soon and hoped that Jang Ye-jin will grow from her experience and will meet great people in the future after she finishes her internship and goes abroad. She then asked the viewers to watch the drama until the end.

Fight For My Way will broadcast its finale on July 11 and will be followed by School 2017 on July 17.

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