“Fight For My Way,” “Lookout” achieve all-time high ratings

Fight For My Way and Lookout achieved their highest rating to date. The 14th episode of Fight For My Way recorded 13.0 % in nationwide viewership ratings according to Nielsen Korea while the 28th episode of Lookout received a nationwide audience share of 9.7 %. The said episodes were broadcast Tuesday night.

Data from TNMS, another company that measures television audience, also show that Fight For My Way and Lookout achieved their all-time high ratings so far nationwide. Fight For My Way managed to obtain 11.4 % while Lookout recorded 9.1 %.

Both dramas also recorded last night their highest rating so far in terms of ratings in Seoul Area. According to Nielsen Korea, Fight For My Way and Lookout achieved 14.2 % and 9.9 % in Seoul viewership ratings, respectively.

On a different note, SBS’s My Sassy Girl lost to Lookout in the competition on July 4 but is still ahead of it in terms of the average viewership ratings. Over at cable television,  tvN’s Bride of the Water God slightly dropped in viewership ratings after achieving the highest first episode rating among all the tvN dramas that have aired so far this year. It lost 0.4 percentage point, dropping to 3.26 % in the second episode from 3.66 % in its premiere.

KBS’ Fight For My Way centers on two childhood friends living their so-called “third-rate” lives and aiming to realize their dreams. The male protagonist (Park Seo-joon) in the drama quits his job and pursues his dream of becoming a big name in mixed martial arts whereas the heroine (Kim Ji-won) chases her dream to become a reporter despite her lacking in educational background. Meanwhile, MBC’s Lookout is about a group of vigilantes (led by Kim Young-kwang and Lee Si-young) who lost their loved ones to criminals. These people team up and work together to gain justice that the corrupt justice system in Korea cannot provide.

Fight For My Way and Lookout premiered on May 22 and will end on July 11. They will be replaced by School 2017 and The King Loves, respectively, on July 17.


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