Criminal Minds

Starting Today: Criminal Minds

The long wait is over. After over six months since I first heard of this Korean remake of the hit US television series of the same name, Criminal Minds will finally take off today. I hope it's gonna be a smooth journey throughout, considering that having a star-studded cast and early production ...
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Starting Today: Falsify

We're down to the second to the last prime time drama to premiere this July. SBS's Falsify will start its broadcast tonight, adding a political-legal thriller to the already diverse set of dramas we have seen airing for the first time in past few weeks. This particular show stars Namgoong Min whom ...
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Starting Today Reunited Worlds and Man Who Dies To Live

Starting Today: Reunited Worlds and Man Who Dies To Live

July welcomes a total of seven new prime time Korean dramas, the three of which have aired already—Bride of the Water God, School 2017, and The King Loves. It was just last Monday when the last two premiered head-on and today we have another two dramas that will air later and compete ...
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Starting Today School 2017 and The King Loves

Starting Today: School 2017 and The King Loves

Hi there, we are introducing our new regular feature called Starting Today, which basically reminds you (and me) that a certain drama or two or more will be going to premiere on the same day head on. It's the latter in today's case, with KBS's School 2017 competing against MBC's ...
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tvN ratings slump and the (im)possibility of CIRCLE 2

I'm finally back after over two months of hiatus in A Fanboy's Perspective, but even though my college life already ended, my workload hasn't decreased a bit. That is so true especially now that I am regularly watching those shows — those Korean drama shows that sometimes blow you away ...
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feature - goblin

Should I watch “Goblin”?

I still remember my co-workers in the office having daily discussions on each episode of Goblin. I, being the not-so-vocal girl when it comes to my interest in Korean dramas, just shrugged them all off. At times, I have this automatic retraction from anything that is hyped. I have usually ...
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first week review featured image of The Best Hit

First Week Review: The Best Hit

First impressions never last and that is what The Best Hit proved to me. After watching the trailer for this new KBS show, I initially thought it would be boring but I have never been so wrong. It is one of the Korean dramas that are easy to understand and relate to ...
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Which Kdrama fan are you

Which Kdrama fan are you?

We all have our stories on how we started watching Korean dramas. Most of us saw the dubbed versions on our local TV channels and have then begun to immerse ourselves in them. Some of us never really bothered to check them out until a friend introduced us to one ...
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Feature article image

The Caffeine is High on Kdrama Land

A Kdrama that has no scene at a coffee shop. Name one. (Silence) I know. It’s hard to think of one (except for historical dramas of course). As I try to remember every Korean drama I have seen, I find it almost impossible to pinpoint one where I did not ...
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Fight For My Way review

First Week Review: Fight For My Way

Fight for My Way, also known as Third-Rate My Way, is everything but no third-rate! Aside from the leads Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won who are popular enough to attract viewers, the romcom drama has something relatable to tell that compels the viewers to watch its episodes. It points to how ...
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Ruler: Master of the Mask Premiere

First Week Review: Ruler: Master of the Mask

Ruler: Master of the Mask proves to be worth watching! The historical drama surely piqued our interest with its jam-packed yet promising start. Here's my review based on the episodes that aired in its first week. But before anything else here's the synopsis of the drama (copied directly from the ...
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TV Ratings

Kdrama TV ratings: Why bother looking at them?

Korean dramas nowadays are immensely popular and continue to attract more people to jump on the bandwagon. Aside from mere word of mouth about a certain good drama, its rating performance also propels viewers to invest time and watch it. Currently, there are two companies which provide these viewership ratings ...
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cast of Reply 1988, one of the author's top 3 favorite dramas

My top 3 favorite dramas in my three years of watching

Exactly three years ago today, I finished binge-watching my very first Korean drama. Back in the summer days of 2014, I didn't really imagine I could enjoy watching this kind of TV show that rarely attracts the male audience. But on April 21 in that year, out of sheer boredom ...
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Park Bo-young as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Big Small Things About ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon finally ended on Saturday, April 15. Although it did not break through the 10 % mark in viewership ratings, its record is by no means ordinary and so-so. Its finale achieved 8.96 % according to nationwide data from Nielsen Korea, making the average ratings of its ...
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Yoo Ah-in as Han Se-joo in Chicago Typewriter

Basic facts you should know about tvN drama “Chicago Typewriter”

The new tvN drama Chicago Typewriter will start airing tonight. Here are some facts you should know about the drama from the cable network that has a time travel motif. Again. For the first time in its history, tvN has now the record of airing three consecutive dramas that involve time element in their stories. The ...
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poster of Korean drama Mystery Queen

Starting today: Expect a funny ‘ajumma’ detective in “Mystery Queen”  

Did you miss the comedic scenes in Chief Kim already? Don't worry because KBS has another comedy in its Wednesday-Thursday time slot in the form of Mystery Queen. The new drama, however, will focus on a middle-aged married woman or an ajumma instead of a single man like Kim Sung-ryong ...
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featured image of On This Last Year 2

On this day last year, “Descendants of the Sun” hits 30 % viewer ratings

It's been a little over a year since Descendants of the Sun premiered and took the world by storm during its 16-episode run. It was so popular that its viewer ratings climbed to 20 %* in just two weeks. On this day last year, March 23, it made a remarkable record ...
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featured image of news on Chicago Typewriter teaser

First teasers for “Chicago Typewriter” released

Yoo Ah-in (Six Flying Dragons) will be back this April in a new tvN drama Chicago Typewriter, whose first set of trailers were released on March 17. The drama is a mix of fantasy and romantic comedy written by Moon Embracing the Sun and Kill Me Heal Me writer Jin ...
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Ignore Tomorrow With You's poor ratings

Ignore these 3 reasons behind Tomorrow With You’s poor ratings and watch the drama

It's been a little over three weeks since the premiere of tvN's drama Tomorrow With You. Prior to that day, many fans were excited; after all, the drama is pre-produced and includes in its cast Lee Je-hoon (Signal) and Shin Min-a (Oh My Venus). By cable standards, it started just ...
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I'm a guy and I watch 13 kdramas a year

I’m a guy and I watch 13 kdramas a year

Hi, I thought I haven't properly introduced myself yet so let me do it as I explain how I started to watch Korean dramas and why I still watch them until now. I'll do it like an interview. Introduce yourself in one sentence. Please just call me gdhunter, a college ...
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