Faust-inspired series ‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’ announces main cast

tvN’s Faust-inspired fantasy drama When The Devil Calls Your Name revealed its main cast on February 14 and confirmed the reunion of actors Jung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong in the new series.

When The Devil Calls Your Name will have Jung Kyung-ho playing Ha Rip, a songwriter who bartered his soul with the devil for riches and fame. When his contract ends, he enters into a game for an extension of their agreement, putting his life as collateral. However, when he finds out that his talent is stolen from another girl, he sets out to right his wrongs by restoring the girl’s talent and recognizes the essence of his own life in the process. Jung will explore completely new territory through the character of Ha Rip.

The devil who signs a contract with Ha Rip will operate through Park Sung-woong’s (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) character, an actor named Mo Tae-kang who is known for his dark roles. Both Jung and Park starred in the OCN drama Life On Mars (2018), so When The Devil Calls Your Name marks another collaboration between the two actors.

Jung Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong, Lee Seol and Lee El
Photo Credit: Osen

Meanwhile, Lee El (Matrimonial Chaos), who is almost a tvN fantasy drama veteran with Goblin and Hwayugi in her bag, will be seen as Ji Seo-young, the CEO of Ha Rip’s agency, Soul Entertainment. She is someone who is brutally honest with Ha Rip, but also a dependable friend.

Rounding out the main cast is Lee Seol—a rising rookie actress last seen in Less Than Evil as a genius psychopath—who will play Lee Kyung, a little-known artist whose life has been filled with bad luck until she meets Ha Rip.

Director Min Jin-ki of the acclaimed sci-fi drama Circle has teamed up with writer Noh Hye-young of the Come Back Mister fame for When The Devil Calls Your Name, which is expected to air in the first half of 2019.

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