True Beauty

main cast of True Beauty - Cha Eun-woo, Moon Ga-young, and Hwang In-yeop

Having been constantly bullied for her acne-stricken face and plain appearance, an ordinary schoolgirl becomes an internet sensation slash campus crush overnight after she posted a picture of herself wearing make-up. Based on the hit webtoon “Goddess Advent” by manhwa artist Yaongyi.

Official English Title: True Beauty

Other Titles:

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Kim Sang-hyeob

Writer: Lee Si-eun

Broadcaster: tvN (cable)

Broadcast Period: December 9, 2020 to January 28, 2021

Time Slot: Wednesday & Thursday @ 22:30 KST

No. of Episodes/Parts: 16

Running Time: 70 minutes per episode

Exciting Cameos. Acting stars Kim Hye-yoon (Extraordinary You), Lee Jae-wook (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), and Lee Tae-ri (Tale of the Nine Tailed) have confirmed to make guest appearances in True Beauty.

Off to a Good Start. The production team has released an initial round of behind-the-scenes footage from the set of True Beauty. The cast members sat down for a quick interview and gave their thoughts on their first day of filming together. Watch it here!

Kang Min-ah as Choi Soo-ah: Ju-gyeong’s friend in Saebom High School
Oh Eui-sik as Han Joon-woo: Literature teacher in Saebom High School
Kim Byung-chun: Vice-principal of Saebom High School
Lee Sang-jin as Ahn Hyun-gyu: Ju-gyeong and Su-ho’s classmate
Han Yi-young: Ju-gyeong and Su-ho’s classmate
Shin Jae-hwi as Lee Sung-yong: Seo-jun’s friend who is a bully in Yongpa High School
Jeon Hye-won as Park Sae-mi: a goddess in Yongpa High School
Park Hyun-jung as Lee Mi-hyang: a teacher
Im Hyun-sung: the owner of Prince, a comic book store
Oh Yoo-jin as Joo Hye-min

Jung Joon-ho as Lee Joo-heon: Su-ho’s father
Kang Chan-hee as Yoon Se-yeon
Lee Jae-Wook
Kim Hye-Yoon
Lee Tae-Ri

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To be updated

Broadcast ScheduleEpisodeRating
December 9, 202013.573%
December 10, 202023.626%
December 16, 202033.813%
December 17, 202043.586%
December 23, 202053.859%
December 24, 202063.333%
January 6, 202073.892%
January 7, 202082.909%
January 13, 202094.265%
January 14, 2020103.411%
January 20, 2020113.850%
January 21, 2020123.418%
January 27, 2020134.000%
January 28, 2020144.125%
February 3, 2021154.579%
February 4, 2021164.458%

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