Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young, Kim Yeong-cheol starrer ‘Times’ unveils main poster

In the year 2020, a passionate reporter picks up a phone call from another reporter in the year 2015. Using each other’s knowledge from different times, they try to stop the assassination of the South Korean president.

Official English Title: Times

Other Titles: 

Genre: Political, Fantasy

Director: Yoon Jong-ho

Writers: Lee Sae-bom, Ahn Hye-jin

Broadcaster: OCN (cable)

Broadcast Period: February 20 to March 2021

Time Slot: Saturday & Sunday @ 22:30 KST

No. of Episodes: 12

Running Time: ~60–70 minutes per episode

Swag Besties Forever. Lee Joo-young shared on Instagram pictures of the coffee truck that her friend and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo co-star Lee Sung-kyung sent her to support her in filming Times.

Times x The Uncanny Counter crossover. OCN released a collaborative video between the two series, where Times characters “communicate” with the characters of The Uncanny Counter.

Broadcast ScheduleEpisodeRating
February 20, 202111.576%
February 21, 202122.709%

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