The Package

The Package


The Package tells the love story between two people who meet as complete strangers in a foreign country. A heartbroken guy participates in a package tour to France along with six other people. He is the only solo traveler in the group, so he becomes closer to the tour guide than anyone else and develops a relationship with her that leads to romance.



General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: The Package
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Romance
  • Director: Jeon Chang-geunKim Jin-won
  • Writer: Chun Sung-il
  • No. of Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast Period: October 13 to November 18, 2017
  • Time Slot: 23:00 Korean Standard Time, Fri & Sat
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: JTBC (cable)
  • Production Company(s): People Story Company, Huayi Brothers
  • Preceded by: Age of Youth 2
  • Followed by: Untouchable

Main Cast & Characters

The Package Main Cast

Lee Yeon-hee as Yoon So-so, a former foreign exchange student who studied at a French university. She works as the guide of seven Korean tourists in a tour in France where she meets San Ma-roo.

Jung Yong-hwa as San Ma-roo, a brokenhearted man who participates in the tour and finds solace upon spending time together with Yoon So-so.

Supporting Cast & Characters

Choi Woo-sik as Kim Gyung-jae, a failed young entrepreneur who has been dating his girlfriend for 10 years

Ha Shi-eun as Han So-ran, Gyung-jae’s game designer girlfriend who is contemplating between dating and marriage.

Ryu Seung-soo as Jung Yeon-sung, whose relationship with his partner is unclear.

Park Yoo-na as Na Hyun, Yeon-sung’s partner.

Jung Kyoo-soo as Oh Gab-soo, a stubborn old man.

Lee Ji-hyun as Han Book-ja, wife of a sick husband whom she has taken care of for a long time.

Yoon Park as a mysterious man who follows Yoon So-so in France.


All values are expressed in percentage.
Episode No.Broadcast DateNielsen (Nationwide)Nielsen (Seoul)TNMS (Nationwide)
1October 13, 20171.749n/a1.9
2October 14, 20171.6852.0391.9
3October 20, 20172.1392.7101.6
4October 21, 20171.6641.7452.1
5October 27, 20171.612n/a1.6
6October 28, 20171.8692.1871.9
7Nvember 3, 20172.041n/a1.8
8November 4, 20171.7052.1131.8
9November 10, 20171.580n/a1.5
10November 11, 20171.9552.1541.9
11November 17, 20171.540n/a1.3
12November 18, 20172.3812.5722.1

Official Posters

Original Soundtrack


  • OST Part 1: You Are My Baby by B1A4
  • OST Part 2: Unreal by The Ade
  • OST Part 3: Fateful Love by John Park
  • OST Part 4: U & I by JB & Jackson
  • OST Part 5 no. 1: You Look Nice Today by Yoon Ddan Ddan & Eunha
  • OST Part 5 no. 2: Imagine by Lim Ji-eun
  • OST Part 6: The Package by Kim Na-young & DinDin

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1 Comment

  • YH& YH

    December 5, 2017 - 6:06 am

    Why the low rating in Korea?!. Loved this drama, especially the 2 leads. It’s over and now I miss them all. I want more – season 2, please! This has been my best drama of 2017! If you haven’t watched it – you are missing something touching and beautiful.

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