Sisyphus: The Myth

Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye in Sisyphus: The Myth

A genius engineer tries to find out the truth behind his brother’s mysterious death and ends up uncovering the world’s darkest secrets. As he sets off on a dangerous journey, he meets an elite warrior from the future who has traveled to great lengths to protect him.

Official English Title: Sisyphus: The Myth

Other Titles: 

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Director: Jin Hyuk

Writers: Lee Je-in, Jeon Chan-ho

Broadcaster: JTBC (cable)

Broadcast Period: February 17 to April 2021

Time Slot: Wednesday & Thursday @ 21:00 KST

No. of Episodes: 16

Running Time: ~60–70 minutes per episode

Press conference. Cho Seung-woo, Park Shin-hye, and director Jin Hyuk participated in the press conference streamed live via JTBC Drama’s official YouTube channel on February 17.

ARMY Seo-hae. JTBC released a special teaser featuring Park Shin-hye chancing upon a Bring the Soul: The Movie poster, eventually listening and singing to BTS’s “Spring Day.”

Lee Jae-won as a fund manager (episode 1)

Kim Byung-chul

Broadcast ScheduleEpisodeRating
February 17, 202115.608%
February 18, 202126.677%
February 24, 202136.167%
February 25, 202146.178%
March 3, 202155.240%
March 4, 202164.972%
March 10, 202174.633%
March 11, 202184.848%
March 17, 202194.905%
March 18, 2021104.804%

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Kang Seo-hae travels to the past and is chased by masked people. Han Tae-sul, engineer and CEO of Quantum & Time is on a plane that gets hit by an object. Tae-sul prevents it from crashing while on call with friend and co-founder Eddie Kim’. He visits a therapist and recalls Tae-sun, his brother, who had warned of mysterious beings looking for him. Sun, part-timer at a Chinese restaurant, feeds Seo-hae. The flight’s co-pilot hands Tae-sul evidence of what had hit the plane – a suitcase and a man. Tae-sul investigates as Seo-hae tries to alert him not to open the suitcase.

In the suitcase, Tae-sul finds his brother’s camera, a mysterious key, and an old phone. A certain Mr Park calls to ask for the key. Tae-sul discovers that the photos in his brother’s camera are from events that are yet to happen. One photo shows him getting married to a woman who looks like Seo-hae. The Immigration Control Bureau’s men chase Seo-hae and Sun on their way to Busan. Tae-sul visits his old lab to find the safe to the key, but gets kidnapped by the Control Bureau, who are after the suitcase. Tae-sul then decides to visit Busan as well.

A mysterious man materializes from thin air on the premises of Quantum & Time’s conference. Tae-sul demonstrates the teleportation of a sugar cube before spotting his brother in the audience and calling out to him. He is shot at by the mysterious man, but Seo-hae bursts onto the scene and runs away with him. After escaping the sniper and the police, Seo-hae and Tae-sul are kidnapped by Mr. Park, who introduces himself as a broker for people from the other side and decides to show Tae-sul what he does. Tae-sul is stunned as he watches a man teleporting in front of his eyes.

Tae-sul and Seo-hae attack Mr. Park’s men and make a run for it along with the man who just teleported. The man reveals that his past self worked for the Control Bureau and knows the whereabouts of Tae-sul’s brother. Seo-hae reveals that Tae-sul is being hunted by Sigma for inventing the uploader. The Control Bureau men ambush them again, and Seo-hae and Tae-sul jump off a bridge. Seo-hae gets shot and as she falls, it is revealed that her diary was written by her future self who had tasked her with protecting Tae-sul in order to stop the war.

Tae-sul takes an injured Seo-hae to his doctor Seo-jin’s clinic. Seo-hae tells Tae-sul that there will be a nuclear war in the future and everyone will die. The two then split up, but get back together after Seo-hae promises to help him find his brother. Jung Hyun-gi, the policeman who came in contact with the alien is told that his mother was killed by Seo-hae. A flashback reveals the dangerous life Seo-hae and her father lead. Seo-hae and Tae-sul visit his house to retrieve the key that might lead to his research for the uploader. Hyun-gi sets out to capture Seo-hae.

A flashback reveals Tae-san discovering the first time traveler from the future. Tae-sul and Seo-hae gatecrash a party, but the Control Bureau ambushes them. Tae-sul is captured by Seo-jin and her father, the Chairman, while Seo-hae is rescued by Sun. Tae-sul wakes up in a hospital to Eddy and Seo-jin telling him that he’s been in a coma since first getting shot and Seo-hae is just a delusion. Seo-jin is after the key to Tae-sul’s research and drugs him. Tae-sul manages to escape and reunite with Seo-hae, but he is being watched by a man who is holding Tae-san hostage.

Seo-hae wakes up in Sun’s home, who reveals that he won the lottery using the numbers she gave him. She enlists Mr. Park to help Sun’s family leave the country before the war, and to locate Tae-sul, in exchange for the key to the safe. After saving Tae-sul, Seo-hae reveals that Tae-sul’s brother has the uploader’s blueprint. The safe contains a letter by Tae-san with clues about Sigma. Mr. Park is captured by the Control Bureau. Worried about Seo-hae, Sun doesn’t leave the country. Tae-sul corners Quantum & Time’s Chairman about Sigma, following which the Chairman kills himself. Tae-sul announces his intentions to pursue Sigma.

The man behind Sigma is the time traveler Tae-san had discovered. Being from the future, he had amassed wealth by investing in stocks, and bribed the Chairman to invest in Han Tae-sul. In the present, Tae-sul becomes obsessed with finding this man, despite Seo-hae warning that he could die. The Control Bureau set their sights on kidnapping Seo-hae. Tae-sul manages to locate the guy behind Sigma and discovers a painting of Sisyphus, but Seo-hae gets hurt. A flashback reveals how Seo-hae had found the diary from her past self with instructions to protect Tae-sul.

Tae-sul and Seo-hae head to an amusement park for Seo-hae’s birthday, where they cross paths with Seo-hae’s mother and a young Seo-hae. Adult Seo-hae gets captured by the Control Bureau. A flashback reveals how Seo-hae’s father had gotten his family to a bunker to be safe from the nuclear bomb, but her mom had died. In the present, Seo-hae is injected with something that will cause her to disappear. Sun and Tae-sul try to look for her. Jung Hyun-gi gives her the fatal dose of injection just as Tae-sul and Sun break into the building she’s being held hostage in.

Seo-hae’s father digs into the Control Bureau and discovers a wanted poster for adult Seo-hae. Tae-sul frescues Seo-hae with Mr. Park’s help, but they come face-to-face with Seo-hae’s father at the last minute. Mr. Park reveals that Seo-hae is beyond saving because of what she was injected with, but tells him about Agnes who might have a cure and also know Sigma. Tae-sul visits Seo-hae’s parents and tells them everything, with her father even visiting the adult Seo-hae. A flashback from Seo-hae’s past reveals how she left home to travel to the past. Tae-sul faces both Agnes and Sigma.

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