School 2017

School 2017


School 2017 highlights a variety of important issues facing South Korea’s teenagers today. It centers on Ra Eun-ho, a high school student with low grades but has a talent in drawing webtoons, and his two friends, student body leader Song Dae-hwi and rebellious student Hyun Tae-woon.



General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: School 2017
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Teen, Coming-of-Age
  • Director: Park Jin-suk
  • Writer: Jung Chan-mi
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Period: July 17 – September 5, 2017
  • Time Slot: 22:00 Korean Standard Time, Mon & Tue
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: KBS (free-to-air)
  • Production Company(s): School 2017 SPC
  • Preceded by: Fight For My Way
  • Followed by: Lingerie Girls Generation
  • Other facts:
    • School 2017 is the 7th installment of the long-running school franchise of KBS that began in 1999. The two most recent installments are Who Are You: School 2015 and School 2013.
    • School 2017 marks Kim Se-jeong debut drama project. The role was offered first to Kim Yoo-jung but she declined the offer.

Main Cast & Characters

School 2017 Main Cast

Kim Se-jeong as Ra Eun-ho. She is a cheerful student who ranks last in her school and has a talent for drawing webtoons. She dreams of dating her college guy crush and getting into a prestigious university in Seoul.

Jang Dong-yoon as Song Dae-hwi. He has the looks, the grades, and almost everything else but parents who care about him. He serves as the student council president and is well loved by his classmates.

Kim Jung-hyun as Hyun Tae-woon. He is a rude, prideful student who transfers from the United States and causes trouble in the school. He does not get reprimanded enough because of his rich father who invests in the school’s foundation.

Han Sun-hwa as Han Soo-ji, a police officer assigned to the school Ra Eun-ho is attending. She is an ace detective who gets demoted after mishandling a case.

Han Joo-wan as Shim Kang-myung, a graduate of a prestigious university who chose to teach at high school. He is attracted to Han Sook-ji.

Supporting Cast & Characters

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Official Posters

Original Soundtrack


  • OST Part 1: Believe In This Moment by gugudan
  • OST Part 2: Throbbing Summer Day by Yozoh
  • OST Part 3: Going Home by Tarin
  • OST Part 4: Stay In My Life by Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung (NCT)
  • OST Part 5: Reach To You by  Maktub
  • OST Part 6: I Pray 4 You by Apink, BnN

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