Doctor Prisoner

Doctor Prisoner Korean drama


When an ace surgeon from a prestigious hospital finds himself jobless because of dirty hospital politics, he starts working as a doctor in a prison’s medical facility. His goal is not to get a stable job, but to acquire personal connections with all the high-profile inmates so he can take revenge against the hospital that kicked him out.




General Info

  • Drama Title: Doctor Prisoner
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Medical Drama
  • Director: Hwang In-hyuk
  • Writer: Park Gye-ok
  • No. of Episodes: 32 (2 episodes per broadcast day)
  • Broadcast Period: March 20 to May 15, 2019
  • Time Slot: Monday & Tuesday @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Running Time: 28 to 35 minutes per episode
  • TV Network: KBS2 (terrestrial)
  • Production Company(s): Jidam Inc.
  • Preceded by: Liver or Die
  • Followed by: Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Cast & Characters


Namgoong Min as Na Yi-je, the once ace doctor at Taekang Hospital. He came from a humble family, but survived the challenges in the university hospital because of his skills. He was accomplished, but he became a victim of politics. He then decides to work as a medical director in a prison where powerful individuals are detained in order to gain the connections he needs to plot his revenge against the hospital that ousted him.

Kwon Na-ra as Han So-geum, a psychiatrist at Taekang Hospital. She had a painful childhood but learned to get through life’s challenges. When her brother went to prison and disappeared, she enters the prison hospital as a psychiatric volunteer to know his whereabouts.

Kim Byung-chul as Seon Min-shik, the Chief Medical Officer at West Seoul Prison. He’s from a family of doctors who all went to prestigious medical schools. His family and colleagues thought of him as a failure, but he found the opportunity to work in prison to build his own name.

Choi Won-young as Lee Jae-joon, the heir of Taekang Group. After his brother loses his father’s trust because of an accident, he returns from studying abroad and gains the right to manage his father’s empire.


Lee Da-in as Lee Jae-in, the youngest daughter and heir to Taekang Group. She has the looks and the brains, and is the head of the legal team at Taekang Hospital.

Park Eun-seok as Lee Jae-hwan, the managing director of Taekang Group. He was sentenced to three years in prison for possessing drugs. His insecurities as the son of his father’s second wife turned him into a troublemaker.

Jin Hee-kyung as Mo Yi-ra, a former actress and the second wife of Lee Duk-sung, who owns Taekang Group.

Kang Shin-il as Kim Sang-chun, a man charged for multiple cases including blackmailing, extortion, and obstruction of justice.

Kim Jung-nan as Oh Jung-hee, a chaebol who is in prison as a suspect for murdering a college student. She becomes Na Yi-je’s friend.

Jang Hyun-sung as Jeong Eui-shik, Chief Criminal Officer in the Central District Prosecutors Office. 

Kang Shin-il as Kim Sang-chun, an inmate sentenced to life in prison.

Lee Min-young as Bok Hye-soo, a medical pharmacist whose brother was saved by Na Yi-je.

Lee Jun-hyeok as Go Young-cheol, a medical doctor in prison.

Jang Jun-nyeong as Tae Chun-ho, an accomplice of Na Yi-je.

Kang Hong-seok as Shin Hyun-sang, an inmate who is also a leader of a faction inside prison.

Lee Yong-joon as Hyun Jae-min

Jang Hyun-sung as Jung Wi-sik



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