Welcome To Waikiki 2

Welcome To Waikiki 2


Aspiring actor Lee Joon-ki now teams up with a failed musician and former baseball player to manage the Waikiki guesthouse which is still on the verge of bankruptcy. In a weird turn of events, their high school crush ends up living with them, along with two penniless female college graduates. Will they be able to reach their dreams against all odds?



General Info

  • Drama Title: Welcome to Waikiki 2
  • Other Titles: Laughter in Waikiki 2, Eulachacha Waikiki 2
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director:  Lee Chang-min
  • Writer: Kim Ki-ho, Song Ji-eun
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Period: March 25 to May 14, 2019
  • Time Slot: Mon & Tue @ 21:30 Korean Standard Time
  • Runing Time: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: JTBC (cable)
  • Production Company(s): Drama House, JTBC Content
  • Preceded by: The Light In Your Eyes
  • Followed by: The Wind Blows

Cast & Characters

Kim Sun-ho as Cha Woo-sik, co-CEO of the Waikiki Guesthouse and an aspiring singer. He used to be in an idol group that explored Indian music, but his debut stage was also his retirement stage as the public did not approve of their experimental style. He now lives as a freelancer who does all sorts of things—from conducting music lessons to serving customers at cafés.

Lee Yi-kyung as Lee Joon-ki, co-CEO of Waikiki and a freelance actor. After succeeding in his stint in the famous Korean drama Newsroom, he finds himself without a regular gig and went back to his endless auditions. As his other friends found success in other endeavors, he chose to stay in Waikiki and called his friends Woo-sik and Ki-bong to manager the house with him.

Shin Hyun-soo as Kook Ki-bong, another co-owner of the guesthouse and a professional baseball player. He was successful way back in high school and later joined the professional team. However, he was severely injured and had to forego his dreams of playing in the premiere league.

Moon Ga-young as Han Soo-yeon, the first love of Joon-ki, Woo-sik, and Ki-bong. After her cancelled wedding, she finds herself with her high school friends in the Waikiki Guesthouse, where he learns to earn money for herself.

Ahn So-hee as Kim Jeong-eun, a friend of Joon-ki from theater school. After graduating from college, she struggles to find work as an actor and does only minor roles. Now, she lives by working multiple part-time jobs a day.

Kim Ye-won as Cha Yoo-ri, Woo-sik’s older sister. She’s passionate about cooking and has become a chef. But she is often looked down on because she never studied abroad. She resigned from her previous job to set up her own restaurant, but she is in reality penniless.



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