The Best Hit

The Best Hit


The Best Hit revolves around the lives of youth in their 20’s as they find love and success in the harsh world. Particularly, it focuses on a former member of a top 1990s idol group who travels twenty years forward to 2017, mixing up with other people in present-day Seoul. He then meets a student preparing to take the civil service exam but deeply aspires to be an idol as well.


General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: The Best Hit
  • Other Titles: Hit the Top, Best Punch
  • Genre: Youth, Music, Variety-drama
  • Director: Yoo Ho-jin and Cha Tae-hyun
  • Writer: Lee Young-chul
  • No. of Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast Period: June 2 – July 22, 2017
  • Time Slot: 23:00 Korean Standard Time, Fri & Sat
  • Runtime: 35 minutes
  • TV Network: KBS (free-to-air)
  • Production Company(s): Chorokbaem Media, KBS Monster Union
  • Preceded by: The Producers
  • Followed by: Strongest Deliveryman

Main Cast & Characters

The Big Hit main cast

Yoon Shi-yoon as Yoo Hyun-jae. He is a member of a popular 1990’s idol group J2, rising to stardom because of his star quality looks and talent. He travels into the present, 2017 and frequently finds himself in a scandal.

Kim Min-jae as Lee Ji-hoon. He is a very determined student preparing to take the civil service exam. In contrast to this highly technical stuff he pursues, his dream really is to become an idol star so he secretly enrolls himself as an idol trainee.

Lee Se-young as Choi Woo-seung. Similar to Lee Ji-hoon, she studies for the highly competitive civil service examination. She is Lee Ji-hoon’s best friend and previously had a one-sided feeling for him.

Cha Tae-hyun as Lee Gwang-jae. He is Lee Ji-hoon’s father who runs a small entertainment company as he used to be a top star manager.


The Best Hit Viewership Ratings Data The orange and green numbers indicate the lowest and highest ratings, respectively. All values are expressed in %.
Episode #Broadcast dateNielsen KoreaTNMS
1Jun 2, 20172.
3Jun 3, 20175.
5Jun 9, 20172.
7Jun 10, 20174.
9Jun 16, 20173.
11Jun 17, 20175.
13Jun 23, 20173.
15Jun 24, 20174.
17Jun 30, 20172.
19Jul 1, 20173.
21Jul 7, 20172.
23Jul 8, 20174.
25Jul 14, 20173.
27Jul 15, 20173.
29Jul 21, 20173.
31Jul 22, 20175.

Official Posters

Original Soundtrack

  • OST Part 1
    • No. 1: Beautiful Beautiful by Punch & Glabingo
    • No. 2: Beautiful Beautiful (instrumental)
  • OST Part 2
    • No. 1: Dream by Kim Min-jae & Younha
    • No. 2: Dream (instrumental)
  • OST Part 3
    • No. 1: Light in the Sky by Yoon Mi-rae
    • No. 2: Light in the Sky (instrumental)

News & Developments

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