The Banker

The Banker


A former athlete finds his passion in life as he excels as a banker. He works his way up and along the way, gains the trust of many colleagues in his branch. When he is tasked to be an auditor in Daehan Bank’s head office in Seoul, he finds out that corruption is something that needs to be eradicated for justice to be served.



General Info

  • Drama Title: The Banker
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Workplace Drama
  • Director:  Lee Jae-jin
  • Writer: Seo Eun-jung, Oh Hye-ran
  • No. of Episodes: 32 (2 episodes per broadcast day)
  • Broadcast Period: March 27 to May 16, 2019
  • Time Slot: Wed & Thu @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Runtime: 28 to 35 minutes per episode
  • TV Network: MBC (terrestrial)
  • Production Company(s): MBC Drama Productions
  • Preceded by: Spring Turns to Spring
  • Followed by: One Spring Night

Cast & Characters


Kim Sang-joong as Noh Dae-ho, an auditor for Daehan Bank. He used to be an athlete but he joined the bank when his shooting team disbanded before the 1992 Olympics. As a former athlete, he showed his fighting spirit as he worked his way up to one of the top employees in Daehan . He is honest and passionate about his job, and is tasked to eradicate corruption in his company.

Chae Shi-ra as Han Soo-ji, the General Manager of Daehan Bank. She is a headstrong woman who graduated at the top of her class and joined Daehan Bank at the young age of 19. She worked hard to get to her executive position.

Yoo Dong-geun as Kang Sam-do, the President of Daehan Bank. His presidency is thought to be hard-earned as he was an ordinary employee from way back. He became an executive in his 40s and was the company’s Vice President for three terms. For the sake of power, he can fake a smile, but he has other things in mind.

Kim Tae-woo as Lee Hae-gon, the Vice President of Daehan Bank who came from a family of bankers. He studied in the US and became a bank executive with no branch experience. He believes it is his doing that the company rose to its current status.


Ahn Woo-yeon as Seo Bo-geol, one of the hard workers in the Audit Office, but is actually looking for a bigger life in the city. He works well with No Dae-ho.

Shin Do-hyun as Jang Mi-ho, the secretary of the Audit Office. She is unpredictable but is known for getting the job done.

Cha In-ha as Moon Hong-joo, a cold man who is also the brains of Daehan Bank’s IT Department.

Kim Gyu-cheol as Park Kwang-soo, long-time chauffer of the company officials.

Kim Byung-choon as Han Min-goo, a non-executive officer in Daehan Bank.

Lee Yoon-sang as Cho Young-sik, another non-executive officer at Daehan Bank.

Ahn Nae-sang as Yook Gwan-sik, a career-oriented man who has taken elite courses to be a banker. He pretends to be loyal to Kang Sam-do, but is actually treacherous.

Seo Yi-sook as Do Jeong-ja, Executive Director at Daehan Bank.

Joo Seok-tae as Lim Chang-jae, Screening Director at Daehan Bank

Oh Yong as Min Hyung-gi, Sales Director at Daehan Bank

Jung Kyeong-ho as Byeon Sung-tae, Public Relations Head at Daehan Bank

Jung Hyung-seok as Sung Chi-wook, Inspection Minister at Daehan Bank

Im Seung-dae as Kim Young-ho, Personnel Manager at Daehan Bank



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