Special Labor Inspector

Special Labor Inspector korean drama


A former judo athlete and gym instructor has lost his position and job because he can’t stand injustice and corruption. After he passes the civil service exam, he becomes a pubic servant and promises to lead a normal and quite life without worrying of being kicked out of his job. But he ends up reactivating his fiery mood when he gets appointed as a labor inspector and sees first-hand the prevalent corruption in the workplace.



General Info

  • Drama Title: Special Labor Inspector
  • Other Titles: Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo
  • Genre:  Social Satire, Comedy
  • Director:  Park Won-gook
  • Writer: Kim Ban-di
  • No. of Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast Period: April 8, 2019 to May 28, 2019
  • Time Slot: Mon & Tue @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Run Time: 30 to 35 minutes
  • TV Network: MBC
  • Production Company(s): Silkwood, Hello Contents
  • Preceded by: Item
  • Followed by: Investigation Couple 2

Cast & Characters


Kim Dong-wook as Jo Jin-gap, a pure-hearted individual with a passion for justice. Once a promising judo athlete, Jo Jin-gap quit his sport after protesting an unfair result. He then studied and passed to become a civil servant. But things started to change as he was promoted to work as a labor inspector in the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Park Se-young as Joo Mi-ran, Jo Jin-gap’s ex-wife who was also a former judo athlete. She now works as a detective.

Ryu Deok-hwan as Woo Do-ha, Myeongsong Group’s ace lawyer who works at the company’s legal department.

Kim Kyung-nam is Cheon Deok-goo, Jin-gap’s high school classmate who becomes the boss of a private investigative agency.


Lee Na-yoon as Jo Jin-ah, Jin-gap’s daughter

Lee Won-jong as Ha Ji-man, head of the city’s Labor Bureau

Kang Seo-joon as Lee Dong-young, supervisor at the Labor Bureau, Jin-gap’s junior

An Sang-woo as Hwang Doo-shik, assistant supervisor at the Labor Bureau

Kim Min-gyu as Kim Seon-woo, a former pupil of Jo Jin-gap who also becomes his loyal colleague

Song Ok-sook as Choi Seo-ra, Myeongsong Group’s CEO

Seol In-ah as Go Mal-sook, Choi Seo-ra’s secretary

Oh Dae-hwan as Goo Dae-gil

Yoo Soo-bin as Mr. Baek

Kim Si-eun as Assistant Oh

Yang Tae-soo as Lee Sang-yi

Cha Jeong-won as Kim Ji-ran



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