Sisyphus: The Myth

Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye in Sisyphus: The Myth

A genius engineer tries to find out the truth behind his brother’s mysterious death and ends up uncovering the world’s darkest secrets. As he sets off on a dangerous journey, he meets an elite warrior from the future who has traveled to great lengths to protect him.

Official English Title: Sisyphus: The Myth

Other Titles: 

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Director: Jin Hyuk

Writers: Lee Je-in, Jeon Chan-ho

Broadcaster: JTBC (cable)

Broadcast Period: February 17 to April 2021

Time Slot: Wednesday & Thursday @ 21:00 KST

No. of Episodes: 16

Running Time: ~60–70 minutes per episode

Press conference. Cho Seung-woo, Park Shin-hye, and director Jin Hyuk participated in the press conference streamed live via JTBC Drama’s official YouTube channel on February 17.

ARMY Seo-hae. JTBC released a special teaser featuring Park Shin-hye chancing upon a Bring the Soul: The Movie poster, eventually listening and singing to BTS’s “Spring Day.”

Lee Jae-won as a fund manager (episode 1)

Kim Byung-chul

Broadcast ScheduleEpisodeRating
February 17, 202115.608%
February 18, 202126.677%

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Kang Seo-hae parts with her father and wakes up to people in gas masks chasing her. Han Tae-sul, engineer and CEO of Quantum and Time, hallucinates his dead brother Tae-san while on a flight. The plane gets hit by an object and begins to crash, which Tae-sul manages to prevent. On his friend and co-CEO Eddie Kim’s insistence, Tae-sul visits a therapist and recalls his last meeting with Tae-san, who had warned him of mysterious beings looking for Tae-sul. The pilot of the flight hands him evidence of what had hit the plane—a suitcase and a man. Tae-sul finds the suitcase, just as Seo-hae tries to alert him not to open it.

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