River Where the Moon Rises

Ji Soo and Kim So-hyun in River Where the Moon Rises

In this fictional depiction of a famous folktale set in Goguryeo, Princess Pyeonggang takes advantage of On Dal’s pure love for her to realize her dream of rebuilding the kingdom and becoming its first female Taewang or king.

Official English Title: River Where the Moon Rises

Other Titles: Moon Rising River, Pyeonggang, Cut by the Heart

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Yoon Sang-ho

Writer: Han Ji-hoon

Broadcaster: KBS2 (free-to-air)

Broadcast Period: February 15, 2021 to April 2021

Time Slot: Monday & Tuesday @ 21:30 KST

No. of Episodes: 20 (with 2 parts each)

Running Time: ~60–70 minutes per episode

Piggyback. Ji Soo shared stills of him and Kim So-hyun via his official Instagram account. In the photos captioned “River Where the Moon Rises,” Princess Pyeonggang appears to have lost consciousness, hence, On Dal decides to carry her on his back.

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Broadcast ScheduleEpisode (Part)Rating
February 15, 20211 (1)6.5%
February 15, 20211 (2)9.4%
February 16, 20212 (1)5.8%
February 16, 20212 (2)9.7%
February 22, 20213 (1)6.4%
February 22, 20213 (2)9.2%
February 23, 20214 (1)6.3%
February 23, 20214 (2)10.0%

To be updated

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Coming soon

  • When I heard that Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun are going to be the lead actors of “River Where the Moon Rises” I immediately waited for this drama to be broadcasted and as expected I was totally not disappointed. So far, their action scenes were on the track, acting abilities were great and there was also stunning cinematography and OST.
    PS.Will be waiting if Jisoo’s finally going to have an endgame this time or at least have a nice ending uwu.