Radiant Office


Radiant Office revolves around the life of Eun Ho-won, a woman who finds it difficult to land a job and decides to commit suicide because of it. She jumps into the Han River to die but she is rescued and sent to a hospital where she finds out that she may have a fatal disease. Along with that bad news is the good news of her being finally hired by one of the company where she submitted her application. As a result, she changes her perspective in life and accepts the job. She then meets Seo Woo-jin, her superior at work who falls in love with her.  


General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: Radiant Office
  • Other Titles: Self-Dazzling Office
  • Genre: Workplace, Romantic Comedy
  • Director: Jung Ji-in, Park Sang-hoon
  • Writer: Jung Hoe-hyun
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Period: Mar 15 – May 4, 2017
  • Time Slot: 22:00 Korean Standard Time, Wed & Thu
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: MBC (free-to-air)
  • Production Company(s): MBC Drama Production Division
  • Preceded by: Missing Nine
  • Followed by: Ruler: Master of the Mask

Main Cast & Characters

main cast of korean drama Radiant office

Go Ah Sung as Eun Ho-won. Eun Ho-won can’t seem to find a full-time job, so she decides to taker her life out of frustration. But she was saved and has been informed of a good news and bad news that would ultimately change her life.

Ha Suk Jin as Seo Woo-jin. A leader in the marketing team of the company where Eun Ho-won works, Seo Woo-jin is a workaholic who produces perfect results. His sharp tongue however makes it difficult for him to develop a good relationship with his coworkers.

Kim Dong Wook as Seo Hyun. Seo Hyun is an emergency physician who takes care of Ho-won when she is brought to the hospital after her suicide attempt. He keeps tabs on her ever since.

Lee Dong Hwi as Do Ki-taek. Do Ki-taek is a three-year repeat civil service exam student with no money, connection, and personal experience. He’s a romanticist at heart who protects Ho-won at work.

Hoya as Jang Kang Ho. Jang Kang-ho has an amazing resume, but his easily shattered confidence messes up his in-person interview so he end up not getting the job he applied for.


Official Posters

Original Soundtrack

  • OST Part 1
    • No. 1: 101 by Ho Yoon (Closet)
    • No. 2: 101 (instrumental)
  • OST Part 2
    • No. 1: For Me by Gyepy
    • No. 2: For Me (instrumental)
  • OST Part 3
    • No. 1: Stunning by Junggigo
    • No. 2: Stunning (instrumental)
  • OST Part 4
    • No. 1: It Would Be Love by ROO
    • No. 2: It Would Be Love (instrumental)
  • OST Part 5
    • No. 1: Bittersweet Bliss by Hyun Jin-ju
    • No. 2: Bittersweet Bliss (instrumental)
  • OST Part 6
    • No. 1: 101 by Lee Won-suk (Daybreak)
    • No. 2: 101 (instrumental)
  • OST Part 7
    • No. 1: Come to Me by Taeil (Block B)
    • No. 2: Come to Me (instrumental)


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