Nokdu Flower

Nokdu Flower


Two sons of a famous government official—one of noble birth and the other born out of wedlock—go against each other as they fight for a brighter future for their country. The story features the real-life Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894, when religious leaders and the peasants from Jeolla province joined forces against the government in calling for social reforms.



General Info

  • Drama Title: Nokdu Flower
  • Other Titles: Mung Bean Flower
  • Genre: Historical
  • Director: Shin Kyung-soo
  • Writer: Jung Hyun-min
  • No. of Episodes: 48 (2 back-to-back episodes per broadcast day)
  • Broadcast Period: April 26, 2019 to July 19, 2019
  • Time Slot: Friday & Saturday @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Running Time: 28 to 35 minutes per episode
  • TV Network: SBS (terrestrial)
  • Production Company(s): CJeS Entertainment
  • Preceded by: The Fiery Priest
  • Followed by: Doctor Room

Cast & Characters


Jo Jung-suk as Baek Yi-kang, the illegitimate older son. Although he is the first born and his father is a wealthy nobleman in the province of Jeolla, people look down on him because of his mother’s lowly status.

Yoon Shi-yoon as as Baek Yi-hyun, the younger, legitimate son who has studied abroad and is working on becoming a civil servant. He is polite and smart, with excellent leadership abilities.

Han Ye-ri as Song Ja-in, Joseon’s iron-woman who dreams to be the most successful merchant. She is the only daughter of a peddler group’s leader.

Choi Moo-sung as Jeon Bong-joon, the person who started the uprising. After his father was beaten to death, he uses his resentment for a bigger cause.


Park Hyuk-kwon as Baek Ga, Jeolla’s notorious leader and the father of both Baek Yi-hyun and Baek Yi-kang. He has experienced poverty himself and lives a greedy life, corrupting money from his people.

Hwang Yeon-hee as Madame Chae, Baek Ga’s legal wife and the mother of Yi-hyun and Yi-hwa. She lives in extravagance, often showing off her status.

Baek Eun-hye as Baek Yi-hwa, the daughter of Baek Ga and Madame Chae. She is married to a military officer, and she feels resentment towards her father.

Seo Young-hee as Yoo Wol-yi, the maidservant of Baek Ga and Madame Chae’s family.

Jung Sung-chul as Mister Nam, the butler of Baek Ga and Madame Chae’s family.

Min Sung-woon as Choi Kyung-sun, a skilled martial artist and an army leader against the Japanese forces.

Ahn Gil-gang as Hae Seung, a Buddhist monk and a member of Choi Kyung-sun’s army.

Noh Haeng-ha as Beo Deul-yi, an assassin at Choi Kyung-sun’s army.

Byung Hun as Beon Gae, the commanding officer of Choi Kyung Sun’s army.

Jung Gyu-soo as Dong Rok-gae, a member of Choi Kyung-sun’s army.

Park Ji-hwan as Kim Ga, a member of Choi Kyung-sun’s army.

Choi Won-young as Hwang Suk-joo, a nobleman and renowned scholar.

Park Gyu-young as Hwang Myung-shim, sister of Hwang Suk-joo.

Jo Hee-bong as Hong Ga, Baek Ga’s close relative.



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