Lingerie Girls’ Generation

Lingerie Girls' Generation


Lingerie Girls Generation tells the story of 1970s high school girls in Daegu City as they spend their youth with full of adventures, friendship, and love. Taking center stage in the story is a cheerful 18-year-old who meets a new classmate from Seoul and develop with her a friendship like no other.


General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: Lingerie Girls’ Generation
  • Other Titles: Girls’ Generation 1979
  • Genre: Coming-of-age, Teen, Romantic Comedy
  • Director: Hong Seok-gu
  • Writer: Yoon Kyung-ah
  • No. of Episodes: 8
  • Broadcast Period: September 11 – October 3, 2017
  • Time Slot: 22:00 Korean Standard Time, Mon & Tue
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: KBS (free-to-air)
  • Production Company(s): FNC Add Culture
  • Preceded by: School 2017
  • Followed by: Witch’s Court
  • Other Facts:
    • Lingerie Girls’ Generation is an adaptation of a 2009 coming-of-age novel of the same name written by Kim Yong-hee.
    • Cosmic Girls’ Bona is playing her first ever leading role in a television drama through Lingerie Girls Generation.

Main Cast & Characters

Lingerie Girls' Generation Main Cast

Bona as Lee Jung-hee, a cheerful 18-year old high schooler who wants to be pretty, smart, and popular with boys. The fact that she is not such a person fills her days with endless sighs. As someone going through puberty, she is wild and unruly but at times sentimental when she hears a mournful melody. She envies Park Hye-joo but actually likes and admires her at the same time.

Chae Seo-jin as Park Hye-joo, the transfer student from Seoul who’s got the looks, talents, grades, and personality. She is the envy of the high school girls including Jung-hee. She looks prim and reserved but has also a feisty and wild side that only people close to her know about.

Seo Young-joo as Bae Dong-moon, the guy who falls in love with Jung-hee at first sight during a blind date. He develops an unrequited love for her as she never gives him a chance yet his love for her is unchanging.

Lee Jong-hyun as Joo Young-choon, a 20-year-old bum who helps out with chores at a local pharmacy. He may seem indifferent and uncaring from the outside but he is actually warm-hearted and delicate deep within.

Yeo Hoe-hyun as Son Jin, the most popular guy in Daegu who has always been no.1 in his school, handsome and charismatic. A smart guy with sophisticated manners, he possesses charms that mesmerize all the girls in his school including Jung-hee.

Min Do-hee as Shim Ae-sook, the high school bully who has a one-sided love for Young-choon. As the leader of a troublesome school gang, she’s the cause of various incidents and troubles in the neighborhood.

Supporting Cast & Characters

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Lingerie Girls Generation Viewership Ratings Data
The orange and green numbers indicate the lowest and highest ratings, respectively. All values are expressed in %.
Episode # Broadcast date Nielsen Korea TNMS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 Sep 11, 2017 4.3 4.8 4.7 5.2
2 Sep 12, 2017 4.8 5.4 4.8 5.3
3 Sep 18, 2017 4.1 4.6 4.8 5.3
4 Sep 19, 2017 4.1 4.9 5.0 5.8
5 Sep 25, 2017 4.2 4.4 5.0 5.2
6 Sep 26, 2017 4.7 4.8 5.3 5.4
7 Oct 2, 2017 3.7
8 Oct 3, 2017 4.4
Average 4.3 4.8 4.9 5.4

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