In a world where dark spirits roam around, a woman with the ability to see them team up with the great Monkey King and the Bull Demon King to battle the bad ones. She met the Monkey King when she was a child and let him free from his prison, an accident that would bring them together several years later.


General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: Hwayugi
  • Other Titles: A Korean Odyssey
  • Genre: Fantasy Romance, Comedy
  • Director: Park Hong-kyun
  • Writer: Hong Jung-eun & Hong Mi-ran (Hong Sisters)
  • No. of Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast Period: December 23, 2017 to March 4, 2018
  • Time Slot: 21:00 Korean Standard Time, Sat & Sun
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: tvN (cable)
  • Production Company(s): JS Pictures
  • Preceded by: The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World
  • Followed by: Live

Main Cast & Characters

Hwayugi Main Cast

Lee Seung-gi as Monkey King Son Oh-gong, a powerful god exiled to and imprisoned in the human world due to his mischievous nature but accidentally freed by a girl whose life he promised to protect.

Cha Seung-won as Bull Demon King Woo Hwi-chul, a charismatic CEO of an entertainment company who has had a bad past with Son Oh-gong.

Oh Yeon-seo as Jin Sun-mi, a snobby, materialistic, and beautiful CEO of a real estate company that resells haunted houses, abandoned houses, and other houses that exude bad energy.

Supporting Cast & Characters

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All values are expressed in percentage.
Episode No.Broadcast DateNielsen (Nationwide)Nielsen (Seoul)TNMS (Nationwide)
1December 23, 20175.2905.9334.9
2December 24, 20174.8495.2925.4
2 (2nd Version)December 25, 20175.6236.6596.2
3January 6, 20185.6146.1257.1
4January 7, 20186.0606.4397.0
5January 13, 20186.1026.4736.2
6January 14, 20186.9427.7497.2
7January 20, 20185.1315.0446.1
8January 21, 20185.8225.9496.4
9January 27, 20185.0545.5395.8
10January 28, 20186.2716.9876.6
11February 3, 20185.7055.7026.5
12February 4, 20185.6056.1226.1
13February 10, 20184.3974.3655.0
14February 11, 20185.5175.8106.2
15February 17, 20183.5863.5164.5
16February 18, 20184.2504.5654.6
17February 24, 20183.8213.8195.0
18February 25, 20185.4725.7086.2
19March 3, 20185.9456.2056.8
20March 4, 20186.8816.9247.4

Official Posters

Original Soundtrack

  • OST Part 1: Let Me Out by NU’EST W
  • OST Part 2: When I Saw You by Bumkey
  • OST Part 3: I’ll Be By Your Side by Melomance
  • OST Part 4: I’ll Be Fine by Suran
  • OST Part 5: If You Were Me by AOA (Jimin, Yuna)
  • OST Part 6: If We Were Destined by Ben

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