A prince team up with a quick-witted female investigator, a skilled martial artist, and a scholar to reform the Saheonbu investigative bureau and gain his rightful place in the throne. They go on a journey to fight injustice and make Joseon a better place for its people.



General Info

  • Drama Title: Haechi
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre:  Historical Drama
  • Director:  Lee Young-seok
  • Writer: Kim Yi-young
  • No. of Episodes: 48 (2 episodes per broadcast day)
  • Broadcast Period: February 11 to April 30, 2019
  • Time Slot: Mon & Tue @ 22:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Running Time: 28 to 35 minutes per episode
  • TV Network: SBS
  • Production Company(s): Kim Jong-hak Production
  • Preceded by: My Strange Hero
  • Followed by: The Secret Life of My Secretary

Cast & Characters


Jung Il-woo as Yi Geum (Prince Yeoning and later King Yeongjo), a zealous prince whose eyes is on the throne. Although he is a rightful heir, the royals look down on him because of his mother’s lowly background, calling him a “cheap prince.” However, he works his way up and becomes one of Joseon’s greatest kings.

Go Ara as Cheon Yeo-ji, a female police detective who is great at martial arts and foreign languages. She is thought of as one of the best investigators in Saheonbu but is discriminated against for being a woman.

Kwon Yool as Park Moon-soo, a man born in an ordinary household who becomes a nobleman. His passion for justice leads him to where he is. He helps Yi Geum gain his place in the palace.

Park Hoon as Dal-moon, a young and famous clown who is skilled at martial arts. He was born in the streets, and saw how justice was not for the poor and unknown. He is in love with a powerful woman, and dreams of becoming her lover someday.


Lee Geung-young as Min Jin-heon, Queen Inhyeon’s brother and the head of the Noron forces. He wants to be the king, too, and goes head-to-head with Yi Geum.

Jung Moon-sung as Lee Tan, a troubled man living a sad life whose goal is also to be the king of Saheonbu even if it means he has to hurt others.

Bae Jung-hwa as Chun Yoon-young, a charismatic woman who will do anything just to protect her family’s power.

Han Sang-jin as Wi Byung-joo, Min Jin-heon’s right-hand. He believes that the love for power makes people do dangerous choices.

Park Ji-yeon as Cho Hong

Han Ji-sang as Do Ji-kwang

Yoo Jung-rae as Kyu Hwa-eun

Han Seung-hyun as Yi Yun (Prince Hwiso, King Gyeongjong)

Nam Ki-ae as Queen Inwon

Choi Soo-im as Queen Jeongseong (Lady Seo)

Jung Sun-won as Joo Young-han

Choi Min-chul as Yoo Hyuk

Jeon Bae-soo as Jang Dal

Ahn Seung-gyun as Ah Bong

Im Ho as Lee Kwang-jwa

Do Ki-seok as Gae Dol

Ha Sung-kwang as Ja Dong

Seo Eun-yool as Han Joon-jae

Lee Won-jae as Kim Chang-jib

Kim Jong-soo as Lee Yi-myung

No Young-hak as Yi Hwon (Prince Yeonryeong)

Lee Pil-mo as Han Jeong-seok

Song Ji-in as the Crown Princess



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