Different Dreams

Different Dreams


A Korean woman who was raised by a Japanese couple becomes a known surgeon. While doing her work as a medical practitioner, she also works as an intelligence agent for the Provisional Government of Korea that is based in Shanghai and meets the leader of a secret society that is fighting for Korean independence.



General Info

  • Drama Title: Different Dreams
  • Other Titles: Lee Mong
  • Genre: Historical, Melodrama
  • Director: Yoon Sang-ho
  • Writer: Jo Kyu-won
  • No. of Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast Period: May 4 to July 6, 2019
  • Time Slot: Saturdays @ 21:00 Korean Standard Time
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • TV Network: MBC (terrestrial)
  • Production Company(s): Yimong Studio Culture Company
  • Preceded by: Love in Sadness
  • Followed by:

Cast & Characters


Lee Yo-won as Lee Young-jin, a Korean doctor during the Japanese colonial rule. She lost both of her parents during the war, but was found by a Japanese man named Hiroshi and raised her as his own. She becomes the first female Korean doctor to return to Joseon. She has also studied in a prestigious hospital in Shanghai. Because of her curiosity and her love for her own country, she becomes an intelligent agent for the provisional government of Korea.

Yoo Ji-tae as Kim Won-bong, the leader of the uprising. He is a man who is not afraid to stand for his country. Not a lot of people know his real name, but everyone calls him ‘Uibaek.’ While he is a strict leader, he is grounded on what he is fighting for.

Im Joo-hwan as Fukuda, a Japanese prosecutor working in the Ministry of Justice. He is from an elite family, but dislikes seeing discrimination among Japanese and Koreans.

Nam Gyu-ri as Miki, a jazz club singer. She is popular among men in Gyeongsong, and is the only daughter of a late Japanese official. She was able to study in the US and is well-versed in Western culture. She is friends with Young-jin and Fukuda.


Lee Hae-young as Hiroshi, the adoptive father of Lee Young-jin and a military police chief.

Lee Young-sook as Kim Hyun-ok, the house help of Hiroshi’s family.

Kim Tae-woo as Yoo Tae-joon, Lee Young-jin’s senior. After a political incident, he escapes to Manchuria to help war victims.

Yoon Ji-hye as Esther, a female physician from Joseon who is like a sister to Young-jin.

Kim Nam-ok as Jo Bok-rae, a member of the Uiyeoldan.

Baek Seung-hwan as Majar, a bomb engineer who disguises to join the medical troupe.

Park Ha-na as Cha Jeong-im, a designer at Hyehwa Cosmetics.

Lee Kyu-ho as Yoo Se-joo, Won-bong’s childhood friend.

Heo Ji-won as Park Hyuk, a member of the Uiyeoldan.

Kim Joo-young as Kim Seung-jin, a station man who crossed Mount Baekdu.

Jeon Jin-ki as Oda, Fukuda’s boss.

Seol Jeong-hwan as Maru, Hiroshi’s soldier.

Ahn Shin-woo as Kenta, director of the Ministry of Security.

Yoo Sang-jae as Roku, a special agent assigned in Shanghai.

Heo Sang-tae as Matsuura, a Japanese police officer.

Kang Pil-sun as Daiki, Matsuura’s junior.

Lee Kyu-yeob as Matsuda, member of the 1st Unit.

Yoon Jun-seong as Kimura, member of the 1st Unit.



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