Age of Youth 2

Age of Youth 2


Age of Youth 2 centers around five women in their 20s who live together in one house. Set one year after Age of Youth season 1, the new season will tell the individual stories of the five women as they experience love and friendship and grow together with each other’s company. The ladies welcome a new housemate named Jo Eun, who will be using the room previously occupied by Kang Yi-na.


General Information

  • Status: COMPLETED
  • Drama Title: Age of Youth 2
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Youth, Romance
  • Director: Lee Tae-gon
  • Writer: Park Yeon-seon
  • No. of Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast Period: August 25 – October 7, 2017
  • Time Slot: 23:00 Korean Standard Time, Fri & Sat
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: JTBC (cable)
  • Production Company(s): Take 2 Media Group, Drama House
  • Preceded by: Woman of Dignity
  • Followed by: The Package
  • Other facts:
    • SHINee’s Onew was cast originally for the role of Kwon Ho-chang but he dropped out of the drama 10 days prior to the premiere date due to a scandal (see News & Developments). Two days later, the production staff of the drama confirmed Lee Yoo-jin as Onew’s substitute.
    • Park Hye-soo was not able to reprise her role due to the conflict in her schedules, so Ji Woo was cast to play the same role. Meanwhile, Ryu Hwa-young who played Kang Yi-na in the first season will be appearing in the second season as a guest.

Main Cast & Characters

Age of Youth 2 Main Cast

Han Ye-ri as Yoon Jin-myung, who successfully found a job after returning from China. She is the eldest among the five housemates.

Han Seung-yeon as Jung Ye-eun, who took a leave from school due to her abusive ex-boyfriend but is now returning to the university.

Park Eun-bin as Song Ji-won, who has a cheerful personality and is always ready for a drink. She has yet to find a boyfriend.

Ji Woo as Yoo Eun-jae, who suffers from her breakup with her first love and can’t seem to move on. She has a different taste when it comes to men.

Choi A-ra as Jo Eun, the new housemate of the four ladies.

Supporting Cast & Characters

Kim Min-seok as Seo Jang-hoon, the grandson of the owner of the house where the main female characters live together. He gets involved in a romantic relationship with Jo Eun.

Lee Yoo-jin as Kwon Ho-chang, an engineering student who is innocent when it comes to love and relationships. He will fall in love with Jung Ye-eun.

Ahn Woo-yeon as Hae Im-dal, an idol group member who made his debut five years ago but has yet to become popular enough among the fans.

Son Seung-won as Im Sung-min, Song Ji-won’s friend from the college newspaper.

Shin Hyun-soo as Yoon Jong-yul, Yoo Eun-jae’s ex-boyfriend.


Age of Youth 2 Viewership Ratings Data
The orange and green numbers indicate the lowest and highest ratings, respectively. All values are expressed in %.
Episode # Broadcast date Nielsen Korea TNMS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
1 Aug 25, 2017 2.228 1.995 2.5
2 Aug 26, 2017 2.405 2.341 2.9
3 Sep 1, 2017 1.657 1.7
4 Sep 2, 2017 2.431 2.256 3.1
5 Sep 8, 2017 2.248 2.8
6 Sep 9, 2017 2.817 2.658 3.2
7 Sep 15, 2017 2.839 2.825 3.1
8 Sep 16, 2017 3.099 3.092 3.0
9 Sep 22, 2017 2.772 2.674 2.7
10 Sep 23, 2017 3.145 3.029 4.0
11 Sep 29, 2017 3.657 3.494 3.6
12 Sep 30, 2017 4.069 3.725 4.2
13 Oct 6, 2017 3.040 2.8
14 Oct 7, 2017 3.252
Average 2.833 2.809 3.0

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