Doubtful Victory is just six days away and it continues its last week of promotional spree by releasing three posters that highlight lead Yoon Kyun-sang‘s role as a fake detective who got escaped from prison. The upcoming Monday-Tuesday series tells the story of a fake police detective named Oh Il-Seung as he defeats “monsters” and gains his “true life” in the process but prior to his gaining of this new identity, he was a wrongfully accused criminal on death row who somehow escapes from prison and death.

Doubtful Victory Poster 1

Yoon Kyun-sang’s (Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People) criminal-turned-detective character is the highlight of the poster above, which shows an image of him wearing his police uniform. The poster, however, appears to have been torn and the cut reveals a portion of his body dressed in a prison uniform with a prison number. On one hand, the poster below features both Yoon Kyun-sang and the heroine, played by Jung Hye-seong, who has his left hand handcuffed—showing a unique chemistry between the two and hinting at her suspecting his true identity and motives. Jung Hye-seong (Manhole: Feel So Good) is playing Ji Jin-young, a fierce police officer whose competence and somewhat “anti-teamwork” attitude find herself isolated from his colleagues.

Doubtful Victory Poster 2

Meanwhile, the third poster features four other characters played by (clockwise from upper right) Yoon Yoo-sun (Save Me), Jang Hyun-sung (While You Were Sleeping), Choi Won-young (While You Were Sleeping), and Kim Hee-won (My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week). Unlike in the first two posters, Yoon Kyun-sang looks a real detective in this poster with his serious facial expression and the gun he is holding. A text on the poster, which reads “I came to catch the real bad guys!” hints at the possible reason behind the lead male character’s decision to impersonate a police officer. Media reports about this series have been so far tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding his escape from prison and acquiring of a new identity, but one can speculate that he will likely make use of his work at the police station to investigate the case that turned him into a criminal and clear his name.

Doubtful Victory Poster 3

Doubtful Victory is directed by PD Shin Kyung-Soo of acclaimed dramas Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots and is written by Lee Hyun-joo of School 2013. It will premiere on November 27 at 10 pm KST, taking over the slot which will be left vacant tonight by Temperature of Love.

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