Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 8

Halfway through the series, the aftermath of the disastrous event which hit Uruk becomes more evident and makes episode 8 difficult and painful to watch in general.

Select Scenes from Episode 8

1. “I Miss You”

"I Miss You" scene from dots a year after part 8

Yoo Shi-jin: I missed you. No matter what I did. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.  I tried tiring myself out. I tried very hard to forget. I drank and did everything I could. But I still missed you a lot. Was this something you never thought you’d hear? Then you should think on it. This time, I am serious.

The eighth episode of the drama starts with Yoo Shi-jin, admitting for the first time that he misses Dr. Kang Mo-yeon. These three words were what she’s been wanting to hear from him after their disappointing separation in episode 6. She lets Yoo Shi-jin speak and barely utters a word. The tension and discomfort on her face and reaction tell us that she also missed him and that she regrets her decision to have him apologize, instead of confess, over the ‘wine kiss’.

2. The Phone Call

"The Phone Call" scene from dots a year after part 8

In earlier episodes, we saw how Vice Manager Go strictly and consistently reminds the young worker to wear his safety helmet at work. This gives him a fatherly figure and shows how he genuinely cares for his co-employees. Sadly, he dies and as his doctor, Kang Mo-yeon needs to relay the depressing news to his family. I personally hoped for such loving person to survive the cruel catastrophe. What a heartbreaking scene.

Kang Mo-yeon: I was with him at the last minute. He asked me to say something to you. So I’m calling you.
Man: (as a flashback) It feels great to lie down and get some rest looking at the sky like this without working. I must be lucky. I’ve worked hard to send my children to college. So the rest is up to them. And my wife… there is not much to say to her. In fact, we didn’t get to spend much time together. We’ve spent more times looking at each other’s pictures instead. My wife will really have to spend the rest of her life looking at my picture now.
Kang Mo-yeon: You will receive his pension from his company. And his nephew will take care of the rest of his pension issues. And he said he didn’t want you to live alone for too long.

3. Comfort

"Comfort" scene from dots a year after part 8

Kang Moyeon: Wow. Shame on them [the stars]. It’s like they didn’t know what happened down here.
Yoo Shi-jin: I thought it would be comforting.
Kang Mo-yeon: I’ve been comforted already… by you. Thank you for coming back to me. Had it not been for you, I might have run away today.

Kang Mo-yeon has been nothing but cold to Yoo Shi-jin in the previous episodes although she clearly knows that she has feelings for him and that she regrets refusing his confession. Finally, in this romantic scene literally under the stars, she admits that she found comfort with Yoo Shi-jin after the heartbreaking call she made with the wife of the deceased. Her acknowledgment makes Yoo Shi-jin believe that they could give the relationship another chance. The couple’s exchange of lines in this particular scene makes it beautifully ironic. The lines of the characters are so profound and make the audience think of what to do given the same situation—something I really admire about DOTS.

4. “We Lost Contact”

"We Lost Contact" scene from dots a year after part 8

Kang Mo-yeon expresses a very terrified look just after hearing  Yoon Myeong-ju’s announcement that they lost contact with Yoo Shi-jin who entered a collapsed building to rescue a survivor. Thoughts like these must have been going on in her mind as she hears what happened: “Is he alive? What if he’s dead? This is what I am afraid of to happen. That he might one day just disappear out my sight due to the dangerous nature of his work as a soldier.”

Kang Mo-yeon’s reluctance to accept Yoo Shi-jin’s feelings is primarily driven by him being a Special Forces soldier. She consistently rejects a scenario in which she enters a relationship with him and finding out later on that he dies during one of his missions. However, I don’t think Kang Mo-yeon would feel better if he actually passes away during this scene. She might even feel very devastated and guilty if that happens. The man who wanted to confess to her just lost his chance forever to confess his feelings because he is already dead. And that is completely her fault.

5. Never Give Up

"Never Give Up" scene from dots a year after part 8

Yoo Shi-jin and the survivor are trapped but safe inside the ruins of the building. Despite losing radio contact with his team outside, he tells the young guy that they will get out alive. He goes on talking and says that the guy must have a girlfriend waiting for him, to which the guy replies “I don’t have one. How about you?” Here’s the conversation that follows:

Yoo Shi-jin: Did you hear the lady doctor’s voice a while ago? I like her a lot but she rejected me three times. Should I die? 
Survivor: How are you still alive? I’d be dead of embarrassment [if i were you]. 

Yoo Shi-jin somehow finds an analogy between his sad love life and present situation, saying “And yet I keep going.” He’s not giving up on liking her despite being dumped three times already. In a similar way, the guy should not lose hope that they can still get out of the building alive. 

Focus: Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji-won, who played the role of the strong-willed character Yoon Myeong-ju in Descendants of the Sun, was born on October 19, 1992. Even if she is only 24 years old, she made lasting impression on fans with her performances especially with dramas To the Beautiful You, The Heirs and most recently with DOTS.

The actress’ interest in the entertainment industry started in 2008. Kim Ji Won’s TV commercial exposures eventually made her pursue acting. She then made her debut as an actress in that year with the drama, Mrs. Saigon. She gained more popularity in 2011 in the sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. In the same year, she had her first major role in What’s Up as well as her first film project in the flick Romantic Heaven. She then starred in the web drama One Sunny Day in 2013.

Even before she became more known and popular with Descendants of the Sun, she already received different accolades and nominations. She received the New Star Award for her performance in The Heirs during the 2013 SBS Drama Awards and was also nominated Best Supporting Actress in the 2014 Asia Rainbow TV Awards for the same drama. In 2016, she was also nominated for Most Popular TV Actress in Paeksang Arts Awards and won 3 awards at the KBS Drama Awards (Excellence Award, Best New Actress and Best Couple with Jin Goo) for Descendants of the Sun.

Kim Ji-won is quite passionate about her acting career. After finishing a drama course from Dongguk University, she continues to improve and enhance her acting skills. Recently, she was announced to star with actor Park Seo-joon in the KBS drama Fight For My Way under the direction of Lee Na-jung. As the title suggests, the drama tells how the characters fight and make their way towards their dreams despite the hurdles of life’s reality. Park Seo-joon portrays a formerly famous taekwondo player now working under a contract in the corporate world. Meanwhile, Kim Ji-won takes on the role of a news anchor wanna-be who is stuck working at the information desk of a department store. 

Kim Ji-won is the second (next to Jin Goo) of the four main leads of DOTS to appear on the small screen after the ending of their highly successful drama in 2016.

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