Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 7

If episode 7 has a title of its own, it would be Decisions and Sacrifices. Due to the earthquake that greatly devastated the construction site, there were a lot of casualties, but on the bright side, there were also a lot of survivors and people offering their help.

Selected Scenes from Episode 7

1. A Surgery Out In The Open

"A surgery out in the open" scene from dots a year after part 7

Kang Mo-yeon passes by Yoon Myeong-ju who was currently checking up on the patient. The patient suddenly collapses and before Myeong-ju tries to give CPR, Mo-yeon is able to save the man by pounding on his chest. Upon further assessment, the patient apparently needs a surgery. However, going to the Medicube, the only place where they can operate, will take too much time and endanger the man’s life. Mo-yeon and Myeong-ju argue, debating whether to have a surgery out in the open or not.

Kang Mo-yeon: Then we should do it here.
Yoon Myeong-ju:
Do what?
Kang Mo-yeon:
The operation.
Yoon Myeong-ju: 
Are you out of your mind? How can you do an operation without a CT scan?  You don’t even know where he is bleeding.
Kang Mo-yeon:
Is there anything else we can do?
Yoon Myeong-ju: 
You want to cut his abdomen open in the cement dust? Do you know what kind of side effects it can cause?
Kang Mo-yeon: 
I asked you if there was anything else we could do. Hurry up and decide; he is your patient.

It is indeed a very tough decision for Myeong-ju knowing that it is also life threatening to perform a surgery in such unfavorable place. Driven by Mo-yeon’s opinion as a co-doctor, Myeong-ju is able to come up with a decision that saved her patient in the end.

2. A True Soldier

"A True Soldier" scene from dots a year after part 7

The ever annoying Jin Young-soo, the chief manager of the devastated power plant, mocks and uses Yoo Shi-jin’s patriotism to convince the soldier to prioritize and dig out the ‘important papers’ from his buried office. The manager claims that those papers can give employment to people and by not helping him retrieve it, Shi-jin proves that he does not serve his people. It was really a slippery slope argument there. Yoo Shi-jin, being a true soldier, replies that nothing is more important to him than saving a life and hands Young-soo a shovel, telling him to dig out his ‘important papers’ on his own. Just before the two could get into a fight, the debris from the collapsed building start falling above Young-soo’s head but Shi-jin selflessly shields and saves him from getting hit. In saving such undeserving person, Shi-jin gets a wound on his shoulder and soon after notices a live electrical wire falling that might cause fire any minute. He then shoots at something which made a block of concrete fall on top of the live wire, preventing any possible accident. What a man!

3. Manager Go’s Sacrifice

"Manager Go's Sacrifice" scene from dots a year after part 7

This remarkable scene reveals that Manager Go actually knows the situation at hand. That it was “one or no one”—only one of them can be saved and it would be at the expense of the other. There are two of them who need to be saved, he and another construction worker. Their states are both very critical—Manager Go was pinned down by a massive slab of concrete while the worker was impaled by a metal spike. Unfortunately, the slab of concrete above the manager and the spike that impaled the worker are connected; so significant movement on either end entails death to the other. Having worked at the construction site for years, Manager Go knows well its structure and can sense the miserable situation they are in. When Mo-yeon comes to him, he tells her he’s aware of the problem. He says that he has already raised his children, unlike the younger worker whose children are still young and in need a father’s love.

4. The ‘Better’ Decision

"The 'Better" Decision" scene from dots a year after part 7

The decision on who to save is all on Dr. Kang’s shoulders. She seeks Yoo Shi-jin’s opinion but he declines to answer, reminding her that she is the doctor in charge. He tells her that she should know better given each patient’s chance to survive.

Kang Mo-yeon:  You’re the one with experience. You could make the best decision than
Yoo Shi-jin: The best? Do you think this is what we can call best? There is no best decision at rescue fields. We just solve problems that are in front of us.

"The 'Better" Decision" scene from dots a year after part 7

After their heated discussion, a scene in Medicube proceeds where we all see that it is the impaled worker who Dr. Kang chose to save. Not to regret such decision, she immediately starts the surgery on the impaled worker to fully save the man.

Kang Mo-yeon: This patient… will not die here today. We’ll get this out. Quickly and accurately.

5.  Back Into Each Other’s Arms

"Back Into Each Other's Arms" scene from dots a year after part 7

Our star-crossed lovers finally get to have their moment. Yoon Myeong-ju asks Seo Dae-young if his dispatch to Uruk for the rescue mission is ordered by her General father or is it something voluntary. Although it is obvious that he went there worried sick about Myeong-ju, he simply says that a commander sends his best troops to the battlefield. Of course, this answer isn’t satisfying for her.

Myeong-ju: How would you feel if I had not been alright?
Dae-young: I would have regretted the times I tried to run away from you.
Myeong-ju: Why are you just standing there then?

Then that’s all it took for Dae-young to finally embrace her. After many times of trying to walk away from her, he finally had her in his arms.

Focus: Jin Goo

Jin Goo
Photo from Jin Goo’s official Instagram account

Despite being the stoic, cold-hearted Seo Dae-young in Descendants of the Sun, Jin Goo’s character in the drama was greatly adored by many. However, aside from his famous role as Seo Dae-young, the actor is already known and recognized for his previous works.

Jin Goo was born on July 20, 1980. He got married in 2014 to a non-showbiz personality and now have two kids. He started acting at the age of 23 with the gambling drama All In in which he portrayed the younger version of the protagonist played by Lee Byung-hun whom he joined later when Lee established the management agency, BH Entertainment. In 2005, Jin Goo also starred in a top awarded one-episode drama, Saya, Saya (“Bird, Bird”) which is adapted from the novel about a deaf mother and son. This project won the TV movie/miniseries category award of Prix Italia as the drama was praised for its excellent character portrayals and its magical, moving and poetic story about the power of love.

Jin Goo is well-known for his stoic role in DOTS but it’s not his first time to play a hardhearted and strong character. In 2006, he played the role of a thug in A Dirty Carnival and a serial killer in Truck in 2008. The year 2010 is a bit fresh for Jin Goo as he was able to get away from strong roles and took on something softer, an aspiring chef role in Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle. He revealed that he enjoyed being part of the show since cooking is one of his hobbies.

The actor is also known for his supporting roles and he definitely nailed it. For instance, Jin Goo’s breakthrough is with his supporting role in 2009’s thriller film Mother. The film earned him various recognition from prestigious awarding bodies such as the Grand Bell Awards, the University Film Festival of Korea, and the Blue Dragon Film Awards. He was also nominated Best Supporting Actor for the series C’est Si Bon during the 2015 Grand Bell Awards and won the same award for DOTS at the 2016 APAN Star Awards. 

Moving forward, Jin Goo got his first leading role a drama in MBC’s Night Light with co-stars Lee Yo-won and Uee. As opposed to the cold-hearted, uniformed man Seo Dae-young, his role in this series is a warm-hearted heir to a big company. His most recent project is the crime thriller film One Line which was released on March 29, 2017. 

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