Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 5

The start of the fifth episode catches us off guard when Yoo Shi-jin reaches to Kang Mo-yeon and finally kisses her. This passionate kiss hints to the overall romance theme of the episode—the budding romance of the main couple and the complicated love story of the secondary couple.

Select Scenes from Episode 5

1. The Awkwardness After the Kiss

"the awkwardness after the kiss" scene in dots a year after part 5

After the wine kiss, Kang Mo-yeon starts to become conscious of Yoo Shi-jin’s presence. On the scene where the doctors are looking for their patient who left without notice but leaves them a roadmap, Lee Chi-hoon suggests that they seek for Yoo-shin’s help given his familiarity with the place. Kang Mo-yeon tells Chi-hoon not to ask him but it’s too late—Shi-jin has already arrived at the scene. She then avoids eye contact with him as she remembers last night’s kiss.

While it shows that Kang Mo-yeon feels awkward, Yoo Shi-jin seems pretty cool with the kiss he initiated. Despite this, she bravely volunteers herself to search for the missing patient with him.

2. A Report on Dae-young

"A Report on Dae-young" scene in dots a year after part 5

At the command corps in Uruk, Yoon Myeong-ju’s conversation with commanding officer Park Byung-soo is interrupted by a call far more important than her father’s call. It turns out however that the call is from soldier Kim Bum-rae who was about to give a comprehensive report regarding Seo Dae-young’s activity.
Yoon Myeong-ju: It’s me. Report it.
Kim Bum-rae: He ate dinner at 7:00 pm. He went to the gym at 8:00 pm and worked out. He came to the the barracks at 9:00 pm and nagged at the soldiers. At 9:30 he went to the–
Myeong-ju: Then what?
"A Report on Dae-young" scene in dots a year after part 5
Kim Bum-rae pauses and slowly hides as he got caught by the subject of the report himself.
Kim Bum-rae: At 9:40 pm, I caught his eye.
Yoon Myeong-ju: What? I envy you! And?
Kim Bum-rae: He is walking towards me. Step by step. What should I do?
Yoon Myeong-ju: What do you want me to do? Hang up the phone.
Kim Bum-rae: *to Dae-Young* Lieutenant Yoon is Lieutenant. You are Sergeant Major.
Yoon Myeong-ju: What is the first thing you do when you are caught by the enemy?
Kim Bum-rae: …surrender?
Yoon Myeong-ju: Do whatever you are told to do. I got to hear his voice today. I have to go.
Kim Bum-rae: *to Myeong-Ju* Thank you. Salute!
Seo Dae-young’s smile afterward reveals that he also liked that Myeong-ju called and that he’s not excessively cold-hearted after all.

3. “What does Captain Yoo do exactly?”

"A Report on Dae-young" scene in dots a year after part 5

If a guy is just too secretive and mysterious, a girl has to do her own research to understand him. Kang Mo-yeon finally meets Daniel Spencer, someone who truly knows Yoo Shi-jin and what his work as a soldier entails. She asks Daniel questions and as he answers, a terrible account on Yoo Shi-jin’s field experience flashes back. He was held captive and tortured by the enemies who wanted to extract a piece of information from him. In the face of being beaten up to death and a nearly exploding bomb, he was timely rescued by his comrades but insisted on staying to save one more captive—the captain of the Delta Team, Ryan Argus. Fortunately, they were able to save the captain but just before they’re able to escape the place, one of the soldiers got shot and fell right unto Yoo Shi-jin’s arms. The scene depicts Yoo Shi-jin’s vulnerability despite his strength and skills in battle. He shed tears as his bleeding comrade dies in his arms.
"What does Captain Yoo do exactly?" scene in dots a year after part 5
Adding to the discomfort in hearing such story, Daniel leaves Kang Mo-yeon with a difficult question.
Daniel Spencer: Do you have anymore questions?
Kang Mo-yeon: No. That’s enough.
Daniel Spencer: Enough for what? Enough to understand? Or enough to walk away?

4. The Accident

"The Accident" scene in dots a year after part 5

Still overwhelmed by Yoo Shi-jin’s terrible experience in the past, Kang Mo-yeon gets into an accident after nearly hitting a truck. She tries swerving her car around it but because of the dust, she loses her sight of the road and rolls down to a cliff.

"The Accident" scene in dots a year after part 5

On the verge of Kang Mo-yeon dying, Yoo Shi-jin luckily picks up the call she made and then goes to save her. Scared to move an inch which could drive the car completely off the cliff, she decides to record her last message for her loved ones on the phone. Her funny message makes this nerve-wracking part a bit lighter. When Shi-jin finally arrives, he asks her to trust him that the best solution at hand is to let the car fall to the sea with them inside it. Kang Mo-yeon is hesitant to agree to his plan so he suddenly releases the airbag and forces her to let go of the brakes. And off they dive down unto the waters.

5. Dae-young Loses the  Fight

"Dae-young Loses the Fight" scene in dots a year after part 5

Seo Dae-young is now back in Seoul as a training officer due to a transfer order. Although he is tough and better fits to be in an actual battle, he is powerless when it comes to the father of the woman he loves. Seo Dae-young recognizes the sincerity of a father’s love and yields to what General Yoon wants.
General Yoon: Myeong-ju thinks my transfer order was unreasonable. What do you think?
Seo Dae-young: I share my thoughts with Lieutenant Yoon.
General Yoon: I am willing to go into an investigation. You may report me if you wish.
Seo Dae-young: That will not happen. I have lost this fight.
General Yoon: Is that so?
General Yoon: You have a weapon in your hand which I cannot go against—that is, your sincere heart. You are sincerely concerned with Lieutenant Yoon’s future and you sincerely do not approve of me that’s why I share the same thoughts with you, sir. That’s why I have lost this fight. I will lose this fight for Lieutenant Yoon’s sake.

6. Apology or Confession?

"Apology or Confession?" scene in dots a year after part 5

Kang Mo-yeon is furiously mad about her being the last person to know about Yoo Shi-jin leaving for Seoul. Yoo Shi-jin however says that he tried to tell her but she walked out at that time. She insists that he should have chased after her while he says that her upset reaction gives him an upper hand. Their argument slowly subsides as Yoo Shi-jin asks her if she’s still uncertain of their relationship. She does not say a word, which prompts him to ask: About the kiss… what should I do? Should I apologize? Or should I confess?
Million dollar question: How could an act of love be something one should apologize for?

Focus: Song Joong-ki

Song Joong-ki
Photo from the official Instagram account of Song Joong-ki.

With the broadcast of the hit series Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki became more popular in making the female viewers’ hearts flutter with his all-action special ops soldier role. He is also praised for his excellent and convincing delivery of the romantic dialogues and scenes with co-star Song Hye-kyo. Together, the two stars became widely known as the Song-Song couple.

His appeal to many fans might have been because of his pretty-boy image but there is surely more about Song Joong-ki which attracts more and more people. And this is none other than the actor’s passion and dedication to his works. In an interview during the Post-DOTS Finale Press Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on April 15, 2016, Song Joong-ki mentioned that his goals as a rookie actor have not yet changed—to continuously learn and do a variety of projects. He is serious and very passionate about his acting career.

The 31-year old Song Joong-ki made his acting debut with the film A Frozen Flower in 2008 and with almost a decade since then, he had tried and was immersed in different roles. His first big break came in the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010 and went further with the variety show Running Man which premiered the same year. In 2012, Song Joong-ki landed on his first TV leading role with KBS drama Innocent Man and shortly after, we saw him on big screen in the box office hit A Werewolf Boy.

The actor paused for almost two years due to the mandatory military service but made a strong comeback with the phenomenal Descendants of the Sun. With his stellar performance in the drama, his popularity stretched far across the globe and gave him titles such as “Top Hallyu star”, “Most-favored celebrity endorser” and the “New Asian Prince”. As a matter of fact, from 7th place in 2013, he rose to 2nd place in the 2017 Forbes’ list of Korea Power Celebrity. Many companies were running after him for advertisement deals. He endorsed a wide variety of products from food brands to appliance and even airline brands. He also carries the brand of Korean Tourism as he was appointed an Honorary Ambassador by the Korea Tourism Organization.

As early as 2010, he already won several awards such as Best Newcomer for the variety show Running Man during the SBS Entertainment awards and, Popularity Award and Best Couple Award with co-actor Yoo Ah-in for the hit series Sungkyukwan Scandal at KBS Drama Awards. He also got a total of 5 awards for the drama Innocent Man including the Top Excellence Award from 3 different awarding bodies. Above all, he earned much recognition with DOTS and won the Most Popular Actor and Global Star awards in the 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards and the Grand Prize in the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

Song Joong-ki had indeed made it far with his career but the actor continues to train hard and extensively every time he is given a project. In his newest movie Battleship Island which is set to be released in the second half of 2017, he took on the role of Park Moo-young, a freedom fighter who infiltrates a Japanese island to rescue his fellow Korean fighters taken as captives. He was really happy in giving his all for this movie since it was his dream to be involved in a production set in the Japanese occupation era. Song Joong-ki, through his considerable and consistent focus on his craft, proves that he is worth all the admiration he receives and serves as our inspiration to seriously pursue our goals in life.

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