Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 15

Episode 15 reechoes Argus’ words to Kang Mo-yeon regarding her relationship with Yoo Shi-jin back in Episode 12; “He’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact. And then one day, he will never come back”. Loving is never easy but loving a soldier seems to be harder—there’s a constant threat to his safety and life. Yoon Myeong-ju’s fear also happens in this episode, Seo Dae-young is taken away from her. This second to the last episode, as expected, serves as a cliff-hanger as the series will soon come to an end.

Select Scenes from Episode 15

1. The Three-Month Mission

"The Three-Month Mission" scene in dots a year after part 15

While cheering on for Private Ki-bum who is about to take his high school equivalent test, Team Alpha’s phones suddenly ring simultaneously (well, except for Dae-young) and receive information about three-month mission. General Yoon asks Dae-young if he wants to join and just push back his planned discharge. Dae-young expresses his desire to join the mission and leaves his dog tags hanging on Myeong-ju’s doorknob. Meanwhile, Shi-jin goes to Mo-Yeon and tells her about the mission. They keep on reassuring each other but Mo-yeon can’t help it and bursts into tears . And just as Shi-jin sets out, Mo-Yeon then remembers the ‘relationship advice’ of Argus:

“Big Boss… he’s smart, funny, and mysterious, but he has a lot of secrets. He’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact. And then one day, he will never come back.”

"The Three-Month Mission" scene in dots a year after part 15

2. Losing Battle

"Losing Battle" scene in dots a year after part 15

In this scene, the three-month mission is almost done. The team embarks to a plane but due to capacity issues, Shi-jin and Dae-young let the 3 survivors accompanied by 3 other Alpha Team members to go ahead first. While still in that process, Shi-jin gets shot from nowhere. Dae-young tries to stop his bleeding but Shi-jin starts to have dying thoughts and says “I will go anyway”. This made Dae-young panic more until he also gets shot.

"Losing Battle" scene in dots a year after part 15

3. The Will

"The Will" scene in dots a year after part 15

The news is out to the significant others of our male character leads—they are dead and have left a will which was written prior to the dangerous mission.

Although it is painful, Kang Mo-yeon reads Yoo Shi-jin’s last message for her. Quite stubbornly, Myeong-ju refuses to read Seo Dae-young’s will since she has not yet acknowledged his death. 

"The Will" scene in dots a year after part 15

"The Will" scene in dots a year after part 15

4. When Wolf Met Big Boss

"When Wolf Met Big Boss" scene in dots a year after part 15

Myeong-ju and Mo-yeon meets up before Myeong-ju’s discharge back to Uruk. The two reminisce the good old times they spent with Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young. Myeong-ju even brought the girlfriend stuffed toys of their boyfriends. Soon in their conversation, Mo-yeon asks Myeong-ju how their boyfriends became the best of friends. Myeong-ju then retells that it was because of a woman—herself. In a flashback, we see Shi-jin run under Dae-young’s umbrella and soon, we find them discussing at a restaurant about Myeong-ju.

"When Wolf Met Big Boss" scene in dots a year after part 15

Seo Dae-Young:  It’s been a year.
Yoo Shi-Jin: 
When did you first see Myeong-ju?

Seo Dae-Young:  I met her a month ago at the 1,000 mile march
Yoo Shi-Jin
: But you have been going out for a year?

Seo Dae-Young: I’ll make this clear: I’m going out with Lieutenant Yoo Myeong-ju.
Yoo Shi-Jin: Do you know that Myeong-ju’s father is a lieutenant-general?
Seo Dae-Young: I think that people can make up to three mistakes in their lifetime. His military achievements is not an obstacle to our love. I tell you once again: I’m going out with Lieutenant Yoo Myeong-ju.
Yoo Shi-Jin: I really hope you’ll go out with her.
Seo Dae-Young
: I will. It’s been a year.
Yoo Shi-Jin
: Right. I’m envious.
Seo Dae-Young
: Have you given up?
Yoo Shi-Jin
: I might come across a woman I met a month ago and dated for a year also. I don’t think we’ll ever fight over Myeong-ju. If we do fight, let’s be on the same side.

Joke’s on Dae-young though since Myeong-ju’s father really became an obstacle to their love.

5. Missing Him

"Missing Him" scene in dots a year after part 15

Looks like our heroine is badly missing her hero. Kang Mo-yeon passes by the café she used to have a date with Yoo Shi-jin and have a conversation about them not saying ‘I love you’ to each other.

Yoo Shi-Jin: Did you know? We never said “I love you” to each other.
Kang Mo-Yeon: We didn’t speak of it, but we said it with our bodies. Come to think of it, we held hands, kissed and did all sorts of other things without saying that we love each other. Oh my, how bold.
Yoo Shi-Jin:
You don’t spare your breath.

Kang Mo-Yeon: I do for some words.
Yoo Shi-Jin: Then let’s say those words. Let’s be fair and go in alphabetical order. Since you’re Kang Mo Yeon. You go first.
Kang Mo-Yeon:  The one who wants to hear it has to go first.
Yoo Shi-Jin: No, it’s ladies first. Or it’ll be in order of age.
Kang Mo-Yeon: Why do you keep on telling me to say it? You never said it either—
Yoo Shi-Jin:  I love you.
Kang Mo-Yeon: You startled me.
Yoo Shi-Jin: I love you.
Kang Mo-Yeon: Roger. I love you too. I’ll give my body and soul to be loyal.

"Missing Him" scene in dots a year after part 15

Focus: Awards and Nominations

Awards and Nominations DOTS

Descendants of the Sun is not only proud of its top ratings but also of the multi awards it had received. Not to mention the numerous nominations it received from various awarding bodies, the hit series had more than 40 reported awards from different categories.

During the prestigious Paeksang Arts Award last year, DOTS received major nominations including those for Best Drama, Directing, and Screenplay. The Grand Prize (Daesang), along with the Most Popular Actor and Actress awards for the TV category, was taken by DOTS.  

Furthermore, at the 30th KBS Drama Awards, Descendants of the Sun was naturally given the spotlight as that it was aired under the said network. Writers Kim Eun-sook and Kim Won-seok won the Best Screenwriter award while actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo both took on the Grand Prize award. Kim Ji-won also won two awards at the same event and together with Jin Goo, they received the Best Couple Award. Not to be outdone, the Song-Song couple also received not just the Best Couple Award but also the Asia Best Couple Award.

Song-Song couple

Some other awards won by the excellent portrayals of the cast include the awards from the 5th APAN Star Awards namely; Best APAN Star Award won by Song Joong-ki and Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards for Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, respectively. Among these many accolades is the Song-Song couple’s Presidential Award during the Korean Popular Culture and Art Awards. While on the 1st Asia Artist Awards, the second leads Jin Goo and Ji Won both bagged the Best Celebrity Award.

Kim Ji-won and Jin Goo

The drama’s supporting characters also achieved recognition. During the 9th Korea Drama Awards, Kim Min-seok was nominated under the Best New Actor category and was also nominated along with KPOP star Onew for the same category during the 30th KBS Drama Awards.

Not only that, the official soundtracks of the drama also earned awards. It is indeed well-deserved since music really adds more flavor to a particular drama scene. Best OST Award went to Gummy’s You Are My Everything during the 1st Asia Artist Awards and two other music-awarding bodies. Yoon Mi-rae’s Always also nabbed the Best OST award during the 8th Melon Music Awards.

Descendants of the Sun is truly one of the bests! It was labeled the Best Drama during the 43rd Korean Broadcasting Grand Prize, 9th Korea Drama Awards, Korean Advertisers Association Awards and the 21st Asian Television Awards and also bagged the Drama of the Year award during the 5th APAN Awards.

The hard work and dedication given by the DOTS team (from cast to crew) really paid off and even surpassed expectations. The awards and recognition garnered by the show point that Descendants of the Sun is a masterpiece which hooked many fans not only in Korea but also across the world.

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