Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 14

There are highly contrasting events in episode 14 of DOTS. Kang Mo-yeon almost lost her insanity when the bloody Yoo Shi-jin was rushed to the hospital. While Kang Mo-yeon almost bade farewell to Yoo Shi-jin, Lee Chi-hoon and his wife happily welcomed a new life, their first baby. 

Select Scenes from Episode 14

1. Will I lose you?

"Will I Lose You?" scene in dots a year after part 14

Yoo Shi-jin: That really hurts
Dr. Lee Chi-hoon: His heartbeat has returned
Kang Mo-yeon: Shi Jin, can you hear me? Do you know where are we? Can you see me? Can you hear me?
Yoo Shi-jin: What about senior Lt. Ahn?
Kang Mo-yeon: What?
Yoo Shi-jin: The other wounded patient who came here with me. Is he alive?

After the terrifying scene showing Dr. Kang Mo-yeon realizing that the critical patient she has to treat is Captain Yoo Shi-jin, the scene at the operating room is even more unbearable as his vital signs drop and worsen. And when he finally comes back to life, he is not even concerned about himself but worries about the other wounded soldier admitted with him. As someone who loves Yoo Shi-jin, Kang Mo-yeon did not like that all he cares about is the North Korean soldier.

2. Dr. Song Almost Killed Himself

"Dr. Song Almost Killed Himself" scene in dots a year after part 14

Another thing admirable about Descendants of the Sun is its balance among drama, action, and comedy. After the intense fight scene that almost killed Yoo Shi-jin and made Kang Mo-yeon lost him, a comedic relief is provided by the following scene. Dr. Song Sang-hyun decides to play around with the belongings of the North Korean soldier and finds an interesting pen. He tries to make the pen work only to find out that it is a poisonous syringe which almost got him killed.

3. Copy of the Chip

"Copy of the Chip" scene in dots a year after part 14

Yoo Shi-jin: He knows you’re listening so he’s reluctant to open up.
Seo Dae-young: This is usually when photos of his mother and family should come in handy.
Yoo Shi-jin: Let’s try something else. I need Mo Yeon’s help. I also need the chip.
Seo Dae-young: Do you mean the chip which is being analyzed by NIS this very moment?
Yoo Shi-jin: Will it be hard to steal? I think we made a mistake. We should’ve made a copy first.
Seo Dae-young: Do you mean something like this?
Yoo Shi-jin: You’re so smart.

I really love the tandem of Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo. They always work well together and their bond shows how much they know and trust each other. Captain Yoo always says something positive about Sergeant Seo while the latter just plays it cool all the time. The two perfectly balances each other out making the viewers really love them.

4. Who Did You Call Ugly, Dr. Kang?

"Who Did You Call Ugly, Dr. Kang?" scene in dots a year after part 14

Kang Mo-yeon: I wasn’t going to see this but remember the soldier I met in Uruk?
Yoo Shi-jin: Who do you mean?
Kang Mo-yeon: You know, the one who yelled at me for operating on a dying man. The ugly person who disciplined you for it. He came to my team earlier and interrogated us about every medicine and pill. Are we his subordinates or what? How dare he treat us like…
*Captain tells Dr. Kang the room is bugged and she is mortified*
Kang Mo-yeon: What I’m trying to say is, don’t you think he noticed? I was so happy to see him. I almost ran up to hug him.

This is another scene that made me laugh so hard because Dr. Kang is so straightforward with what she feels and has no idea that the room is bugged. It is quite funny that even the subordinates of the ugly person Dr. Kang is referring to, laughed at her joke. The way she tries to cover up her mistake and makes it sound like she indeed missed the “ugly” superior official makes the scene even funnier.

5. The Baby Just Arrived

"The Baby Just Arrived" scene in dots a year after part 14

I do not intend to dwell on how heavy the other scenes are and instead want to focus on the baby of Dr. Lee Chi-hoon and his partner. Amid the heavy scenes of the other characters in this episode, a new life is brought to the world and this birth made everyone around him happy for a moment. It displays not only the good news life brings but also life’s importance and sanctity.

Focus: Trivia from Special Episode 3

Behind The Scenes DOTS

It is actually very interesting and fun to see what the cast went through in order to perfect every scene of the 2016 hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun. The unreleased and best bloopers and the behind-the-scenes of the drama were shown in the Special Episode 3 of the series.

In the Special Episode 3, fans get to visualize how popular the drama is as they showed the ratings per episode, which were sustained and improved as the series went on. The makers of the drama also gave some information about its worldwide success, that the series reached the 3-billion mark in terms of views online. It is also the first Korean drama series to reach more than 30% of rating in the last four years. According to Nielsen Korea, the finale episode garnered 38.8% nationwide viewership and 41.6% in Seoul.

Trivia about the series were also released in this special episode. For instance, it disclosed that in the original version of Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki’s character, Captain Yoo Shi-jin, was supposed to be a doctor. However, the writers tried to revamp the character and came up with the idea to make the male leading character as a United Nations Peacekeeper commander. The plot is based on a story called Médecins Sans Frontières written by Kim Won-seok. This piece garnered recognition during the 2011 Korea Storytelling Contest and in 2014, Kim Won-seok gave the DOTS scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook the chance to make use of the story.

Song Joong-ki was also not the first pick for the lead role, Captain Yoo Shi-jin. Won Bin, Jo In-sung, Gong Yoo and Kim Woo-bin were all offered the role but they rejected. Song Hye-kyo, on the other hand, was handpicked by the producers of the show to play the role of Dr. Kang Mo-yeon.

This behind-the-scenes special also revealed that Song Joong-ki and Jin Goo, who both played soldier roles, got injured while filming. This is understandable because both actors did their own stunts and many action scenes during the course of the drama. Jin Goo was reported to have injured his knee while Song Joong-ki got a leg injury when they were almost done filming. He returned two weeks after even if his injury was not yet fully healed. The directors of DOTS commends his professionalism because he could not walk straight off-cam but was able to walk perfectly in front of cameras.

The special episode also showed their celebration on set for Jin Goo’s birthday. The love of Song Joong-ki for Jin Goo was also apparent off-cam and he even joked about it, calling their friendship a “bromance”.

Behind the Scenes DOTS

The phenomenal drama Descendants of the Sun was shot for a total of 258 days and cost 13 billion won or more than 11 million dollars. Its popularity stretches worldwide as the drama was sold to over 32 countries.

DOTS Finale

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