Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 12

The twelfth episode gives the characters more crisis and problems to handle. The extent to which these characters can go and sacrifice when their loved one is being threatened unveils their goodness and their accountability. Owning up one’s actions is not an easy thing to do even if you are a soldier like Yoo Shi-jin or someone higher like General Yoon. One should be strong enough to accept its consequences and take responsibility for them.

Select Scenes from Episode 12

1. Brotherly love

"Brotherly Love" scene in dots a year after part 12

Yoo Shi-jin: What are you doing here?
Seo Dae-yeong: What are you doing here alone raising your hands?
Yoo Shi-jin: I was intimidated thinking I was alone. Now I’m welcoming my friends with open arms.
Seo Dae-yeong: Don’t be intimidated. All Team Alpha members have returned from furlough.
Yoo Shi-jin: I will express my gratitude later.

Whenever I see a scene showing Sergeant Seo Dae-young and Captain Yoo Shi-jin, I always presume that the duo will talk about something funny or have comments that are funny even if they are in the middle of tense situations. Just like this one, I love the fact that Seo notices how Yoo has his hands up in the air as he gets cornered by one of the villains. It goes to show that the best love can also be found between friends and it’s something every person must experience, discovering what he or she could do just to save a friend or a best friend for that matter.

2. Team Commander

"Team Commander" scene in dots a year after part 12

Yoon Gil-joon: Hey you, politician.
Politician: What did you just say? I just misheard you, right?
Yoon Gil-joon: Listen carefully if you didn’t hear me correctly. I don’t care if national security means secret room politics and camera diplomacy to you. But for my subordinates, it means sacrificing their youth to protect our homeland, and they devote their lives to perform their duties. The reason they answer the call of duty for a country who doesn’t appreciate their sacrifice whether they’re killed or captured, is because they believe that the lives of citizens is national security itself. I will bear all responsibility for everything. You can just choose your tie and be a politician for the journalists.

General Yoon steps up and defends his team against the wrong principles and arguments of the politician. This is a classic example of how one teaches and humbles an “all-knowing” person and such scene gives viewers a sense of satisfaction given by justice. Have you ever stood up against a bully and was able to get every bad feeling off your chest? If you had, good for you! If you have not, try to think about it as it is liberating and life-changing.

3. Deal With Me instead

"Deal With Me Instead" scene in dots a year after part 12

Yoo Shi-jin: Don’t scare her. Don’t touch her. Don’t talk to her. It’s only me you should deal with, take me instead.

This intense scene just proves that despite uncertainties and hardships, a person will do anything if the life of someone he/she loves is on the line. Yoo Shi-jin asks Kang Mo-yeon to keep still and trust him, he then shoots at her, hitting her left shoulder.

4. Big Boss Calls the Shots

"Big Boss Calls The Shots" scene in dots a year after part 12

As heartbreaking as it is to see Big Boss kill a former comrade, it is all the more heartbreaking to see him weep as he reminisces the missions he had with Argus, looking at their picture he had kept. To kill a friend would be something I would think about a million times before doing but since Argus got evil and blinded by money and power, I would do the same thing Yoo Shi-jin did. The captain already saved Argus’ life once in episode 10 but to have saved him again in episode 12 would have been wrong.

5. Lies

"Lies" scene in dots a year after part 12

Kang Mo-yeon: That’s a lie. What’s behind the lie you just told? Now I understand. The lies you tell aren’t the kind I can complain or have a quarrel about. Your lies involve someone’s life or death, politics and diplomacy, and a whole nation’s future. You told jokes to cover up what you couldn’t tell me. You will go on telling jokes to avoid telling me the things I shouldn’t know. And I won’t believe you. Eventually, we’ll run out of things to say. I just want to talk about how I got angry because someone took two parking spots. I want to talk about how I can’t decide what to eat for lunch. Or how I’m frustrated because of a late parcel. Those are the kind of mundane things I want to talk about.
Kang Mo-yeon: I know that. I believe that. But I can’t talk about such things to a person who shields others from bullets.
Yoo Shi-jin: Do you want to break up with me?
Kang Mo-yeon: I’m just wondering if you’re someone I can deal with.

The harrowing experience of almost getting killed and seeing someone gets killed really took a toll on Kang Mo-yeon. She is further stressed when she recalls Argus’ statements about the nature of Yoo Shi-jin’s job as a soldier. The fact that he could one time be dispatched and not come back horrifies Kang Mo-yeon the most. It does show that she would have like a normal life with him but she cannot compel him to do that. This may be one of the most real dilemmas people face when the job of their loved ones endanger their lives.

Focus: Cameo Appearances

Descendants of the Sun was already a hit because of the Song-Song lead couple of the drama but there were also cameo appearances from other Korean stars who made the series all the more popular.

Lee Kwang-soo

Lee Kwang-soo

Best known for his performance in It’s Okay That’s Love and The Innocent Man, the Running Man variety show mainstay appeared on the first episode of Descendants of the Sun. In that episode, Lee Kwang-soo played the role of a shooting arcade operator.

Lee Kwang-soo and the male lead of DOTS,  Song Joong-ki, have been friends for seven years now. The friendship between the two started and deepened on the set of Running Man.

Lee Jong-hyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk, popular for his supporting role in the romantic comedy series A Gentleman’s Dignity, appeared in the second, fifth, tenth, and fifteenth episode of DOTS. He portrayed as Captain Jin-seok who died at Yoo Shi-jin’s arms during a rescue operation. The actor shared in an interview that the DOTS scriptwriter who previously worked with him asked him personally to do a cameo on the show.

He also said in good humour, “I thought the shooting would end fast since my scene was short, but I arrived at 12 and filmed my scene at 4 a.m. I was irritated by the long wait. Also, it was very cold filming the scene of getting shot next to a helicopter in November. I was even told to put the blood my neck, but we compromised to put it on my back instead.”

Matthew Douma

Matthew Douma

He is the father of one of the contestants at Produce 101 named Jun Somi. In his DOTS cameo, he played the role of U.S. Army Delta Force Captain Jordan. Captain Jordan fought with Captain Yoo Shi-jin when they were assigned in Afghanistan. He appeared in episodes 2, 10 and 12.

Ryu Hwa-young

Ryu Hwa-young

The actress played the role of the ex-girlfriend of Sergeant Seo Dae-young. She appeared only once, in episode 4, during the flashback about how Lt. Yoon Myeong-ju helped Seo Dae-young move on. They went to his ex-girlfriend minutes before she got married and that was the start of the romantic relationship of Yoon Myeong-ju and Seo Dae-young.

Jun In-taek

Jun In-taek

He played the role of Captain Yoo Shi-jin’s father named Yoo Young-geun. He appeared on episodes 6,7,15 and 16. One of the most memorable scenes with Jun In-taek was when his character and Song Joong-ki’s had their family picture taken, together with a framed photo of Shi-jin’s deceased mother.

Park Joon-geum

Park Joon-geum

She played the role of Lee Chi-hoon’s mother. Her character is rich and very demanding, especially when she learns that Lee Chi-hoon might be in danger due to the earthquake in Uruk. She appeared in episodes 7 and 11 of the hit KBS series.

Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah-in

On Episode 13 of Descendants of the Sun, Yoo Ah-in appeared at a bank where Song Hye-kyo’s character applies for a loan. He played the role of a cold-hearted banker who rejects Kang Mo-yeon’s loan application because she is currently unemployed. Yoo Ah-in appeared on the show because he wanted to surprise Song Hye-kyo for her birthday. The two have been friends for a long time since they are housed under the same company, United Artists Agency. Yoo Ah-in is also friends with Song Joong-ki as they both appeared and became popular on the hit series Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Nam Ki-ae

Nam Ki-ae

Nam Ki-ae played the role of the spendthrift mother of Kang Mo-yeon and was seen on Episode 13 of DOTS where her character met Captain Yoo Shi-jin.

Girl Group Red Velvet

Red Velvet

The famous girl group appeared as themselves on the finale episode of Descendants of the Sun. In Episode 16, Red Velvet performed for the soldiers and sang their 2015 hit song Dumb Dumb where we see Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young dance and as fanboys themselves.

Aside from the notable scenes of the Descendants of the Sun, these cameo appearances also proved to be memorable for the series’ fans.

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