Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 11

It’s now a war where the battlefield is the hospital and the soldiers are dressed in pristine white—the medical team of nurses and doctors. The virus outbreak is not the only crisis at hand, there’s also gangsters chasing for diamonds as well as people fighting for their love.

Select Scenes from Episode 11

1. The Walkie-Talkie Conversation

"The Walkie-Talkie Conversation" scene in dots a year after part 11

Myeong-ju is confirmed to be infected with the M3 virus. Despite this, Dae-young recklessly hugs her and therefore has to be isolated in the supply cabinet for possible infection. Things get emotional when Shi-jin gives Dae-young a walkie-talkie so that he can talk to Myeong-ju.

Seo Dae-young: How do you feel?
Yoon Myeong-ju: I miss you
Seo Dae-young: Did you eat yet?
Yoon Myeong-ju: I miss you. How do you feel? You are a fool. I already told you the answer
Seo Dae-young: I miss you
Yoon Myeong-ju: Did you eat yet?
Seo Dae-young: I miss you
Yoon Myeong-ju: I know you do
Seo Dae-young: Are you crying?
Yoon Myeong-ju: Do you remember the white dress I wore on the second time we met? You asked me if I was dressed like a ghost. I keep thinking about that moment. It seems like a foreshadowing; I think I will become a ghost right now. I don’t want to die.
Seo Dae-young: You are an angel. From the moment I met you, you’ve been an angel to the whole time. I want you to know that.
Yoon Myeong-ju: You are so kind to me when I’m sick. But what’s the difference between an angel and a ghost? They’re both dead anyway.

2. Lee Chi-hoon: The Real Doctor

"Lee Chi-hoon: The Real Doctor" scene in dots a year after part 11

The power supply at the base runs out again and Young-Soo, whose breathing lies on the ventilator, is having an attack and is already going out of control. Chi-hoon pins him down on the bed even if Young-soo bit him hard on his forearm.  As the situation gets controlled, Mo-yeon immediately treats Chi-hoon’s bite wound and commends him for being a good doctor as Young-Soo could have died if weren’t for Chi-hoon’s quick response. Min-jae, the earthquake survivor who holds grudge against Chi-hoon, gets to witness what the doctor did. Min-jae was the survivor whom Chi-hoon had found first in the rubble but was refused of help from the scared doctor. However, Chi-hoon deeply regretted being scared at that time and was so depressed that he deprives himself of his own needs and even doubts his skills as a doctor. Min-jae is scared to be infected by the virus so he leaves the ward immediately after saying to Chi-hoon that he really looked like a doctor this time. Hearing those words from Min-jae, Chi-hoon cried so hard as he finally forgives himself for his cowardliness and readies to finally contact his family in Korea whom he really misses.

3. Doctor-Nurse Love

"Doctor-Nurse Love" scene in dots a year after part 11

Doctor Sang-hyun and Nurse Ja-ae’s love-hate relationship really gets us every time—it’s not always the main and secondary couple who always have the romantic limelight, you know. Sang-hyun was isolated as his symptoms make him a candidate for acquiring the M3 virus as well, but the results finally come in—it is negative, he simply has a common cold. Ja-ae runs to him to deliver the good news but he already knows, he researched about it extensively while being quarantined. Jae-ae hugs him tightly and soon realizes that she has to let it loose. Quickly enough, Sang-hyun is able to grab her back and whispers “Catch my cold, catch my cold, catch my cold” to her before handing her the cure for the Lyme disease. What’s funny is that Jae-Ae is expecting to receive something romantic from him.

4. A Daughter’s Plea

"A Daughter's Plea" scene in dots a year after part 11

Myeong-ju calls her father and assures him that she will fight the disease and continue living. This assurance comes with two favors she asks.

Yoon Myeong-ju: First, forgive me, Dad. Before coming here, I threatened you that you’d lose both your daughter and a lieutenant. I apologize for saying that.
General Yoon: It’s okay. Just get better. What’s the second?
Yoon Myeong-ju: When I get better… if I really don’t die…  don’t let Sgt. Major Seo leave the army. Don’t make him leave, dad. Please? I overheard everything.

Then a flashback appears back to when General Yoon visited Uruk and talked with them. Turns out, she acted all this time that she does not know about her father and Dae-Young’s agreement.

5. Abduction and Advice

"Abduction and Advice" scene in dots a year after part 11

Kang Mo-yeon gets kidnapped by Argus who asks Yoo Shi-jin for a getaway means out of Uruk after his illegal sale of guns. Meanwhile, Shi-jin is all set to save her by himself even if it is disobeying the commands of Lieutenant Park. At Argus’ hideout, he teases Kang Mo-yeon and even gives a ‘relationship advice’.

Argus: Big Boss. He’s smart, funny… and mysterious. But he has a lot of secrets; he’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact, and then one day… psssh… he’ll never come back. You should break up with him now. This an advice, not a warning.

Focus: Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack or OSTs really help to get most out of the emotions of various scenes. Be it a romantic scene, action, thriller—OSTs give an exceptional flavor that completes the recipe of a phenomenal Korean drama like the Descendants of the Sun.

The OST album of DOTS had two volumes with the first one released on March 25, 2016, and the second volume on April 21, 2016. DOTS had a total number of 37 OSTs released under Music & New and OU Entertainment. Gaon Music Chart, a respected body which ranks popular songs nationwide, had 6 DOTS OSTs in their chart rankings for the first half of 2016. Four of which made it to the top 10 namely; Davichi’s This Love, Gummy’s You Are My Everything, Yoon Mi-rae’s Always and K. Will’s Talk Love. These songs went against popular KPOP songs such as Cheer Up and Like Ooh Ahh by TWICE. Davichi’s This Love even landed on the first spot of the prestigious chart for the month of March and placed second in terms of online downloads as of June 2016 with 1.3 million downloads. Other chart-topping, swoon-worthy OSTs include Lyn’s With You, XIA’s How Can I Love You? and Chen & Punches’ Every Time.

There is a soundtrack for every kind of scene and pair of characters. Yoonmirae’s Always perfectly fits emotional scenes of Kang Mo-yeon and Yoo Shi-jin as well as Gummy’s You are My Everything. Gummy’s song has also been translated into English and is featured on the first volume of the series’ OST album.

Of course, Yoon Myeong-ju and Seo Dae-young also have their own set of songs including M.C The Max’s  Wind Beneath Your Winds, SG WANNABE’S By Your Side,  and Mad Clown Ft. Kim Na Young’s Once Again. Alternatingly, these songs play whenever they are in an argument or going over their usual drama of being star-crossed lovers.

The storyline of the drama is not the only thing that makes the series remarkable. OSTs which evoke much emotion and feels out of the scenes also contributed to its success.

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