‘Doom at Your Service’ drops romantic teaser posters, first character stills of Park Bo-young

tvN’s upcoming drama Doom at Your Service has unveiled Seo In-guk‘s and Park Bo-young‘s remarkable transformations through the lead couple’s heart-fluttering teaser posters and initial character stills of the female protagonist.

Doom at Your Service is a romantic-fantasy series about a man who causes everything he touches to vanish and a woman who puts her life and heart on the line following an unexpected twist in her fate. Seo In-guk (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) stars as a mysterious creature named Myul Mang, meaning “doom,” who exists between gods and humans, while Park Bo-young (Abyss) plays Tak Dong-kyung, an editor at a web novel publishing company.

The newly released teaser posters show Myul Mang and Dong-kyung in each other’s arms, despite the fact that Myul Mang is destined to destroy all that he touches. Both gaze lovingly at each other in one poster and share an intimate, slightly melancholic, embrace in the other. Hinting at the birth of an extraordinary love story between the two, the caption in the posters read, “Pray for ruin, love has come.”

Doom at Your Service Teaser Poster 1
Doom at Your Service Teaser Poster 2

Meanwhile, the fresh set of stills from the series unveils how lead actress Park Bo-young brought her character Tak Dong-kyung to life. In one photo, her bright face and gentle eyes exude an aura of calmness and innocence, which could be exactly what she would need when she takes part in a 100-day contract with destruction itself. The other two pictures provide a glimpse at her daily life as an editor. By the way that she is focusing intently at the computer monitor and seriously checking tasks on her scheduler, it appears that Dong-kyung is also quite a force at work.

Park Bo-young in Doom at Your Service

The production team behind Doom at Your Service shared, “Park Bo-young has completely melted into her character Tak Dong-kyung from the first day of filming. Aside from showing detailed and emotional acting through deep character and script analysis, she has also been spreading positive energy on the set with her unrivaled charm, drawing admiration from everyone and making them say, ‘As expected of Park Bo-young.’ Please look forward to her great performance.”

Spearheaded by director Kwon Young-il of My Unfamiliar Family (2020) and screenwriter Im Mea-ri of The Beauty Inside (2018), Doom at Your Service aims to premiere as a Monday-Tuesday drama in May, after the conclusion of Navillera.

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