‘Doom at Your Service’ drops first teaser, character posters featuring Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk

Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk‘s upcoming fantasy-romance drama Doom at Your Service has given the viewers a sneak peek of its story through its first video teaser and the character posters of the two lead stars.

Doom at Your Service tells the story of a woman who wants to avoid her fate but ends up making a 100-day contract with a middle manager, one who exists between the humans and gods. Park Bo-young (Abyss) plays the role of Tak Dong-kyung, a web novel editor who risks everything to escape her own fate, while Seo In-guk (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) plays the role of Myul Mang, a mysterious being whose touch can make things vanish.

The released teaser video opens with Dong-kyung screaming at the top of her lungs, “Let the world fall into ruins! Please bring doom upon it!” She is then answered by the ringing of the doorbell, and when she goes to look through the peephole, she suddenly sees scenery and a nuclear bomb exploding. Confused, she opens the door to a mysterious man who introduces himself as Myul Mang, which also means doom.

Meanwhile, the individual character posters of both Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk reflect the feelings of their characters in the story. Park, who is surrounded by warm pink lights, has a faint smile on her lips while looking at the sky. In contrast, Seo radiates cold energy, as reflected by his blue-tinged poster. His eyes reflect emotions that are hard to read, but a feeling of loneliness is more evident than the rest.

Park Bo-young in Doom at Your Service character poster
Seo In-guk in Doom at Your Service character poster

Doom at Your Service is helmed by PD Kwon Young-il of My Unfamiliar Family (2020) and penned by screenwriter Im Mea-ri of The Beauty Inside (2018). It will premiere on tvN on May 10, following the conclusion of Navillera.

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