‘Doom at Your Service’ captures Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk’s fateful meeting in new stills

tvN’s upcoming Monday and Tuesday drama Doom at Your Service, which has been teasing viewers by consistently dropping sneak peeks of the drama, has released a new set of stills.

Starring Park Bo-young (Abyss) and Seo In-guk (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky), Doom at Your Service is a romance-fantasy series about a woman who detests her fate and ends up signing a contract with a mysterious being who exists in the midst of gods and humans, Myul Mang, which means “doom.”

Seo In-guk and Park Bo-young in Doom at Your Service 1
Seo In-guk in Doom at Your Service
Park Bo-young in Doom at Your Service

The new stills are set in a hospital. Tak Dong-kyung (Park) seems to be in distress, and Myul Mang (Seo) has come to her rescue. Myul Mang, who is dressed in a doctor’s coat, has his arms locked around Dong-kyung’s small body, as if keeping her from falling. Dong-kyung, whose hands are clinging on to Myul Mang for support, seems to be in a daze in one photo, while in the other, she is looking intently at Myul Mang’s face. Even in stills, where they are shown staring at each other in silence, Park and Seo’s onscreen chemistry is overflowing.

Catch Tak Dong-kyung and Myul Mang’s love story unfold in the premiere of Doom at Your Service on May 10.

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